Governor Okorocha is ready for our Questions.

The Media / Press team at the Government House, Owerri have introduced an avenue  for Citizens to ask Gov.Okorocha questions pertaining to the overall governance in the State. It is their intention to encourage  interaction between Citizens and the Administration.

An official post on His Excellency’s facebook page reads:

We have created an avenue for closer interactions with our citizens. Please send me your questions via the Ask the Governor section of our website (

From the homepage of the State government’s website, a link with the attached picture seen in this post takes you to the CONTACT page where you can submit your question. Speaking of which, that is not a very flattering of His Excellency. Haba!!! Did we NOT have a better picture to use? It is expected that Gov. Okorocha would be looking us in the eye to answer our questions no be so? LOL!

Anyway, quite commendable I must say. However, it would have been nice to make the entries and responses  public. Or we could have simply used the existing Official Facebook page of the Governor with almost 8,000 citizens already following the Administration.

There are so many questions posted there daily. Going through the entries, one could feel the pulse of the people. Unfortunately, none of the comments posted have received an official  response from the Page Administrator (s).

Now that this new platform has been introduced,  when we submit our questions, how are we sure they are being answered by the Governor?

We know that not every question will receive a response but nobody wants to waste time composing grammar to send a question across only for it to be found cooling off in the WebMaster’s mailbox or to receive  a sugar coated response from an Aide who could be replaced at anytime.

Should the latter be the case, chances are that the Governor might not even be in a position to defend the “response” if posed to him in a Town Hall Meeting. . . . .

Not quite comfortable with the private message/ inbox arrangement sha but, its a nice concept though.

Click here to ASK THE GOVERNOR 

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