Imo State Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso acquitted of all Criminal Charges by U.S Court Judge

Imo State Deputy Governor, Sir Jude Agbaso was on Wednesday, acquitted of all criminal charges stemming from a 1994 incident in the State of New York, USA.

Documents made available to IMO STATE  showed that all seventeen counts contained in the December 30th  indictment in 1994  had been dismissed by Judge Sullivan of the  Nassau County Court, NY. The  outstanding Bench Warrant for the arrest of Sir, Jude Agbaso  was also vacated.

As part of the plea agreement negotiated with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office,  the Order certified that all seventeen counts charged under the Indictment #90454 were resolved through a plea of one non criminal charge of Disorderly Conduct with, a conditional discharge and fine in the amount of $250.00 (Two Hundred and fifty dollars).

Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso was represented by his Legal Counsel,   Laura Ajoku-Chukwuma, Esq. Also at the Court hearing was Imo State APGA Party Leader, Chief Martin Agbaso and Mr. Peter Onwubuariri of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

Following the acquittal, contact was made with Legal Counsel for the Deputy Governor, Laura Ajoku-Chukwuma, Esq.

Speaking with IMO STATE,  Attorney Chukwuma, explained that the dismissal of all Seventeen counts had exonerated His Excellency Jude Agbaso of any Criminal record.


“Mr. Jude Agbaso had maintained his innocence from the onset. The dismissal of all 17 counts has proved his innocence and he has been vindicated. Right now, he is free to visit the United States at will because the warrant has been dismissed. He is not a convicted Felon. He has never been and, would never be one.  

He does not have any record whatsoever and  in light of the fact that Mr. Agbaso did not plead guilty to any crime, Judge Sullivan ordered for his records to be sealed with immediate effect. It is not fair to expose such record of an innocent man to the public. The clerks office has  notified all the Police departments that the warrant has been vacated.” –She said.

Reacting to the judgement in a Phone interview with IMO STATE , Chief Martin Agbaso disclosed that he was foremost thankful to God for the outcome of the Case in Court .

He expressed that he was pleased with the judgement given by Judge David Sullivan as the legal issue which had been a stain on the person of His Excellency, Jude Agbaso over the years had finally been laid to rest.  Chief Agbaso was also  full of praises for Attorney Laura Ajoku- Chukwuma who worked relentlessly in negotiating the plea agreement with the Nassau County District Attorney’s office.

 This is not only a  big victory for His Excellency, Sir Jude Agbaso but to Imo State  citizens all over the world. Indeed, Truth is  the best vindication against slander.




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