Governor Okorocha passes “vote of confidence” on Prince Eze Madumere.

Still on Prince Eze Madumere’s Grand reception … Here is a comprehensive event brief by Uche Onwuchekwa, Media Assistant to the Chief of Staff.



Every a man that has a discerning mind that was present at the Grand Reception by Umu Mbieri in honour of their illustrious son would decipher that the bond that exists between the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and his brother and Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere is encapsulated their belief to an ideology. Both of them are great humanist and men of charity. Call them same of the same when it comes to the issue that concern the welfare and ameliorating the suffering of the poor.



The atmosphere had been charged with a sea of people that had besieged the historical Orie Mbieri Market Square, last Saturday, April 7, 2012, that has remained a place of unity and peace and of course a place of bond. Orie Mbieri is a point where tributaries of roads leading to the communities-parts that make up the whole-Mbieri.


That multitude had gone to honour their own. They had come with no discrimination in age as every age bracket and strata or even class was represented. Crème de la crème of the society was not missing. Yes, despite the “crowded crowd” that event of classy. Guess what? The gathering cut across party lines. Marcelenus Nlemigbo who has remained an unrepentant supporter of Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s Rescue Mission Government was visibly present while the wonder tea of it all was the presence of Dr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and many others.


That Grand Reception was in honour of Eze Madumere KSC, a product of humility, loyalty, patience and perseverance. That event was to honour the crown Prince of Mbieri born in Achi who has remained an apostle of peace and bacon of light and unity to his people.


Meanwhile, when it was announced that Prince Eze Madmere was to be honoured by his people under the aegis of Umu Mbieri United, some mischief makers had attributed it to the usual charade in the political circle. For me it was wao! Some people had made some derogatory statements but lo and behold that reception is the beginning of a movement to unite a people with a view to charting a course of development for the uplift of a people.


While tributes to Prince Eze Madumere flowed ceaselessly, it was rather a celebration of a man who believed in a thing and he never turned the other way. He started this journey with his master Owelle Rochas Okorocha about two decades ago. As it was rightly captured, Professor Chidi Ibe, the Chairman of the Central Planning Committee for Mbieri’s reception for Prince Eze Madumere, he said the honour was in celebration of a man who loves his people. A man who in no little measure has contributed in the community development of his community. It was a celebration of commitment, dedication to a vision. He saw it all though he may have been seen from different spectacle but he kept on. Most of the strategic ingredients requisite to making a great leader are not found wanting in Prince Eze Madumere.


Dr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu that had come on the platform of MBAIKE had described prince Eze Madumere as a great son who has got to where he is with a dint of hard work, loyalty, humility and respect. He had come to salute a son they are proud of who had closely followed a great leader of Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the Imo State Governor. Ahaejiagamba called on the entire Mbieri people to gather round their son without any reservation. Well give it to him. A man whose philosophy to support any government in power has remained consistent in his belief. That is one stuff known of a statesman.


With all the dancing troops mobilized by all the autonomous communities in Mbieri, it was place of entertainment and merry. The major artistes in Imo State created their on bee comb. The event was an epitome of great organizational skill. Every community had her stand with a cover. Both Hausa and Yoruba Community in Imo State were not left out. Other non indigenes had also come better organized to honour the Prince of Mbieri.


According to a member of an opposition who would not want his name mentioned; the Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s administration has defiled the old order. He said that there is no way the man Okorocha should not be appreciated. He went further to say that his choice of Chief of Staff was well done as the man Prince Eze Madumere has as well like his boss defiled the office of the Chief of Staff as well. This is a man despite his tight schedule still finds time to attend to people’s problems.



When Madumere mounted the stage to make his remark, he rather articulated his goal in life: “I have sought nothing else from my God than requesting the blessing of wisdom and a gift of resources to foster the cause of hope for humanity and ultimately service to God the creator; I have asked God to use me as an agent of peace and an apostle of positive change to my world, our world… Standing before you is a product of humility, loyalty, patience and perseverance…


He disappointed the spin doctors when he discussed about how the youth should exercise restraint and stoop to conquer rather than discussing politics. He chose the occasion to thank his boss, Owelle Rochas Okorocha OON and his amiable wife, Her Excellency, Nneoma Nkechinyere Okorocha for being wonderful parents to him. He said his message is for the youth for them to have even a greater and better future.



The crescendo of that Grand Reception came with a grand entrance of Governor Okorocha at Mbieri when he narrated the pronouncement made by God on His son Jesus Christ after that baptism with water and Holy Spirit. That out pouring of blessing from God to His beloved son Jesus Christ marked the beginning of his Ministry on Earth to save man from eternal condemnation.


The allusion as similar it may seem has its own unique goal. Here, Okorocha has proven to be the sought after leader to Imo people and like Jesus Christ whom he uses a role model, he has disciples but among his disciples he has groomed over the years, there are still few among them that kept fate. Prince Eze Madumere, a knight of Saint Christopher is likened to a steadfast worthy son who has in the face of daunting challenges maintained his faith in his master. That is the story of an Eze Madumere.



Governor Okorocha also called on Mbieri people to rally round their brother for the love he has for them. Governor Okorocha also revealed the passion with which Prince Eze Madumere has always presented their case. He, however, requested for a parcel of land where he could build a home since he has declared himself a worthy son of Mbieri.


Ndi Mbieri, let me tell you, I did not appoint your son Prince Eze Madumere as my Chief of Staff because he is from Mbieri. I did it for myself. It is a personalized matter for the good of the Government…enthused Governor Okorocha.

What a testimony. What a heart of gold our Governor has? What other vote of confidence do we need?



For our brothers that have become more catholic than the pope, there is no Democracy in this world where leaders are not hosted either for appreciation or to demand of them their stewardship. Nigeria and Igbo in particular has her cultural spices for its proper appreciation. At the end of that last Saturday outing, Prince Madumere organized a forum the next day to ask of his people what they feel about the government and their contributions. That is an expected democratic culture. Activism is good but when it is foiled in a strange shape different from its set goal, it becomes mere chaff that can easily be blown around by not so heavy a wind.



The last of the pot of that event was the unveiling of the proposed Prince Eze Madumere ICT Centre to be built at Orie Mbieri by His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha for the youth and people of Orie Mbieri for which His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.




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