Governor Okorocha pays arrears to Pensioners in Imo State.

Pensioners in Imo State can now breathe a sigh of relief and count their blessings for bringing a Governor who has their plight at heart.

Chief of Staff to the State Goverment, Prince Eze Madumere has confirmed that the Administration will commence payment of all outstanding arrears owed to pensioners in the State, today July 18th.

COS Madumere who spoke to IMO STATE BLOG from the Dan Anyiam Stadium disclosed that the Government would ensure that every pensioner in the State receives their due wages owed to them dating back from 1999.


The Government of Rochas Okorocha would be paying all outstanding payments owed to Pensions in the State. 

Right now, we are entertaining about 50,000 pensioners at the Stadium. Its an interactive session with them and we are paying all the arrears owed to them for the past 12 years. We are actually paying their 3 month arrears payment which dates back to the  Udenwa Administration. These arrears have been piled up from one government to the other. Unfortunately, most of these Pensioners have died while waiting. So, each Pensioner that comes to this Stadium today is collecting the 3-month arrears backdating to 1999 and the current month.

As the Chairman of the Committee, I have arranged transportation to convey them to this Venue from   various areas of the State so that those who do not have transportation will have an opportunity to be part of this exercise and get paid.  All the Banks are here this Morning; once they  collect their Cheques, they can proceed to deposit their Payments in the Bank.

 Just as it is said in the Holy Bible, the Labourer is worthy of his wages – Tim 5:18. This gesture made by His Excellency is a Big PLUS for  the Rochas Okorocha Government. All the best.

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