Ways Governor Okorocha can make a difference in Imo State



At least in Imo State, it is generally believed, and agreed upon, that the election of Governor Rochas Okorocha, is indeed a divine intervention, and as such, the governor is expected to make a difference in the lives of the citizenry.

In order to make a difference, Governor Okorocha must shun huge investments that ordinary citizens could not observe and appreciate. The announcement of free education at the primary and secondary schools level are a great start because unemployed mothers and fathers who had experienced sleepless nights during the immediate past administration with thoughts of their children’s exorbitant school fees could now sleep well. Such venture was a step in the right direction that the Imo people could observe and appreciate. This is a typical definition of bringing government nearer to the people.


Another project that could not cost arms and legs is the construction of water treatment facility. Most illnesses that are confronting Imolites are associated to water borne diseases. Most villagers and some town dwellers receive their drinking water from rivers and streams that during rainfall absorb all kinds of infected dead animals and human feces onto it. No one expects any positive outcome from drinking infected water other than endless dysentery and diarrhea that results to countless of deaths.

The water treatment facility and steady flow of potable water would make huge difference to Imolites. The measurement of progress is not when few individuals with resources could dig bore holes and mounted huge water tanks that could be seen miles away, whereas ordinary citizens are subjected to drink from infested rivers and stagnant waters that are filled with amoeba (remember the secondary school Biology class?) and other deadly parasites such as tapeworms. This kind of project will surely warm the hearts of Imo people toward the administration of Governor Okorocha.

Another project of great importance to the people is the construction of bridges and coverts that enable villagers to transport goods and services from the hinterland to urban areas. Construction and maintenance of State roads are very important to Imo State citizens.

The only governor Imo State had produced until now; late Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe of blessed memory, won the heart of Imo people and his detractors through his visions to undertake projects that affected the common Imolites such as construction of impassable roads before he came to power. Late Chief Mbakwe exited the scene when ovations were loudest.

Another project to consider is the construction of at least 500 housing units for city dwellers who work very hard all day, only to return to batchers with over 110 degree Fahrenheit. A decent three bedroom unit in a subsidized government rate would certainly endear the hearts of Imo people. The availability of “real” medications at the State-administered medical facilities and not chalks, would improve the health standards of Imolites.

Please ensure to crack down on drug pushers that bring in expired medications from Asian countries just to enrich themselves to the detriment of the society. If properly executed, these projects would as well produce employment opportunities for many unemployed Imolites.

Finally, efforts must put in place to ensure that collected State revenues must be handled by the people that love the State, not by those that printed their own bogus receipts for purpose of defrauding the government. These projects will certainly accommodate the taste of sugar in the mouths of Imo people.

My dear governor; with these projects and many more in place, your legacy is not only assured here on earth, but even the angels in the God’s kingdom shall be singing Hosanna! Hallelujah!!

Ndewo daa,

Henry Otulle Eke, is a journalist and social critic. He is the editor and publisher of Town Crier Newsletter, a bi-monthly newsletter for African Community living in and around Austin, Texas.

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