Governor Rochas Okorocha and his empty promises.

Many say Imo State has a listening governor but with what is on ground today, one can’t help but wonder, is the governor really seeing and listening properly or are those around him shielding him from the realities on ground probably to suit their purpose?

Go around Owerri today and in almost every street you’ll find one abandoned project of the current administration. If it isn’t an ill-constructed or abandoned road, it would be an abandoned gate which are now causing vehicular nightmare to motorists as well as an eyesore to the people.

You no longer need to search for refuse in a once clean state as heaps of refuse are gradually becoming our new identity. When the gate of the state university IMSU is home to a mountain of refuse overflowing from a refuse bin, where else can’t you find dirt in Owerri? The government is sailing like a listless ship without somebody controlling it as nobody so far seems to understand the directing Gov. Rochas Okorocha is stirring the people of Imo State to.

Several policies he has implemented or had tried to implement can only be regarded as controversial. Are we talking about the proposed transfer of IMSU or the LG councilmen sack? The issue of giving children money is an issue any responsible parent should have frowned at but alas, it seems the morality for which Imo State was known for is gradually evaporating and replaced by greed and lust for money.

Everyday comes with one new promise which is not fulfilled. Our governor no doubt is the champion of free education but at the same time, I will advise caution before he makes any pronouncement. He promised in his election speech that he would give free education to university level. That was the ‘lie’ that won the election because that promise has not materialized till date.

There have been UBE (Universal Basic Education) whereby the federal government have been subsidizing education and even planning on extending it further so a claim of free education can not be credited only to the governor. He is simply paying the balance left by the federal government.

What about the promise of free education to university level? Imolites are still smarting from the U-turn the government had made on that promise. Who will beat his chest and claim he is a beneficiary of university free education in Imo State? Our governor should carry out proper research into a policy, balance all the odds before making it public. Our word is our bond and when people start perceiving a governor as a toothless bulldog, that signals the beginning of the end of his political career.

As advised in one of my previous posts, our governor has to re-scrutinize his team of advisers and commissioner because clearly, they are not doing their jobs properly. If those advisers and commissioners were really working, then all the state of decay in Owerri would have come to the attention of the governor who alone cannot supervise everything. Advisers and commissioners are hired to serve as the hands and even the brain of the governor who is not expected to know everything or do everything but in the case of Imo State or at a wider range, Nigeria, it seems the leaders conceive more ideas than their hired hands who seem to agree to everything without proper scrutiny and advise.

Somebody ill-advised the governor to embark on those gates which are now an eyesore. Before you start a project, proper feasibility studies are carried out but in the case of the projects in Owerri, no proper studies seemed to have been taken before the government rushed into them. That’s why they couldn’t finish them properly because somebody tried to defraud government by inflating the projects and because no proper study was done, the fraudulent intent wasn’t detected until people started talking. That’s not to say that the fraudsters won’t carry on their plans once the heat dies down (that’s if they haven’t done so already).

For a people oriented, majority chosen governor, the people of Imo State expect more. The people of Owerri do not deserve dirty roads and neighborhoods, substandard roads, unfinished monstrosity and projects, police harassment among other things happening within the state as reward for casting their votes to the man of their choice. The people of Owerri do not need excuses to cover government’s failure to provide our basic needs to us and it would be unfair to us and an abandonment of our civic responsibility to make excuses for government.

Our governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha should become a more listening governor, he should hire people who will tell him the truth and tell him where he is going wrong. He should be careful about his promises, only say what you are absolutely sure you can pull off. And most of all, he should give the people who voted him the satisfaction they deserve for voting him.

Imo can be better. Imo will be better. God bless the good people of Imo State.



Obinna Akuwudike






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