Hon.Emeka Nwajiuba – CPC

Hon.Emeka Nwajiuba is asking 4 a non-renewal 4yr term as he doesnt believe “one needs more than 4yrs to make a sensible & progressive change to Imo State” This quote comes from a response to a question I posted on the CPC Imostate Facebook page so I want to believe it came from an official campaign representative. Apparently, he is inspired by the Late Gov. Sam Mbakwe who made his mark within 4yrs & kept it moving. I applaud his vision & stance however, what bothers me with that kind of Promise is that even Pres. Barack. Obama isn’t telling the American ppl that today. Be as it may, I would love to see  more Politicians who share the same opinion and get complete ALL projects pledged during their 4yr term
Hon.Nwajiuba is quoted to have promised “free sandals to school children” at the recent NUJ Gubernatorial debate. Can I get clarification on this? Because my next question will be “Sandals for what? As motivation to walk to & fro school?” Will he also provide shoe-maker vouchers to them for the wear & tear? Won’t it be a good idea to have School buses  to take  the children to and fro School? Just a thought!
Please refer to www.cpcimostate.org for more information on his Campaign.

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