Senator Ifeanyi Araraume – ACN

I was minding my business online the other day when I came across a comment that the Fmr president Obasanjo stood on Imo State soil and called Sen. Ararume a “killer” to his face…. God of israel!!  Mr. President, where did that come from? Who did he kill? Why label him as such? This is a man who served under the Obasanjo Administration. As Senator of the Federal Republic who served under for the Obama Administration for  8yrs; if he had committed such a crime, why wasn’t he brought to face the law?

With the notable acheivements in his Profile, he certainly can’t be as bad as “Baba” potrays him. Cheap talk in my opinion… no apologies. Not like Baba is / was any better.  When deals are done behind closed doors, it is kept secret but, when yawa gass…una carry propaganda. Its unfair!.

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