Owelle Rochas Okorocha – APGA

APGA candidate, the popular chief Rochas Okorocha. Again, enemies of his  progress have tagged him as an “Ogboni” member/ Ritualist, Chief of Thuggery, amongst others. How can people be so mean?

On the positive side, The Rochas Okorocha foundation has awarded numerous Scholarships to the Youth in Imo State. He has shown to have compassion for the less priviledged & has pledged to rebrand Imo State. He is quoted to have said he “considers his Candidacy for the Governors office a descent not an aspiration since he almost won the 2007 Presidential election. (NO COMMENT) Question is: If running for Governorship is considered a descent….why are you in the running sir?

His website www.voterochas.org lists 10 reasons why we should vote him in as Governor with Mr.Jude Agbaso as Deputy . How many of you are convinced that Okwelle Rochas Okorocha  is the right person for Imo State at this time? If anyone has anything against his candidacy,  speak up  now or be prepared to  HOLD YOUR SILENCE.

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