HUMILITY: What every serving Public official must learn from Bill Clinton.

Fellow Imolites, Nigerians and all well wishers of good governance in Africa as a whole. Permit me to use space on this Blog to highlight the photograph below.

What a historical moment!  Former President Bill Clinton is captured half bent in posture as he received Pres..Barack Obama on stage. Every serving President on earth has a lot to learn from the humility displayed by Bill Clinton.

In the history of the United States – the most powerful nation in the world, NO PRESIDENT has shown this much respect to a succeeding President. In Nigeria /Africa, they will say Barack is a small boy…..

Bill Clinton’s speech at 2012 DNC Convention will go down as one of the best key note addresses EVER recorded by any political party. Just like i noted yesterday, a politician must know how to sell his party. Bill Clinton not only sold the Democratic party to Americans but also to the rest of the world.

– Joi John

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