Ihedioha accuses Gov.Okorocha of avoiding debate.

DSC_8616In a swift reaction to the chaos at Odenigbo on Wednesday, Chief Emeka Ihedioha has accused Governor Okorocha of running away from every opportunity to account for the N168 billion local government funds squandered by his administration in the last three and half years.

Emeka-IhediohaThe PDP candidate also accused Okorocha of avoiding a debate with him because he had no plans to change his rudderless style of administration in a manner that will improve the lives and fortunes of Imo people. He said Okorocha avoided a Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) debate recently because of fear of his (Ihedioha’s) well thought-out plans and vision for Imo State to which the governor has no answer.

Ihedioha restated his readiness to stand for debate with Okorocha even if organized in the governor’s obscene Spibat residence or anywhere else the APC flagbearer may choose while strongly condemning the rough deal meted on widows, innocent citizens and even Revd, Fathers by Okorocha’s men at the Assumpta Cathedral venue of the botched debate.

He said: “Because he knows the people of Imo State are overwhelmingly rejecting him, he does not want to face the wrath of the people and he doesn’t want Nigerians to appreciate what the facts are. They brought in people here with guns, machetes, knives and axes apparently we didn’t have enough security here to protect innocent Imo citizens who want to watch their would be governors to explain to them what it is they would want to offer for the state.

“It is most unfortunate, what has happened today is very ungubernatorial but that have been the plight of Imo people for the past 15years and I believe our people are very determined and resolved for change. Nigerians should watch, this man doesn’t mean well for our dear state, he does not want elections to hold in Imo State. He doesn’t want violent-free elections to take place in Imo State but the will of the people shall prevail in the state.

“This debate was meant for you to come and tell Imo people how you plan to govern them; share with Imo people how you will affect their lives. I think as an incumbent, it would have been an opportunity for him to come and share his testimonials with Imolites but of course you know his testimonials are nothing to write home about and that is why he is avoiding this place.

Few weeks ago, we had a debate organised by the Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN)at the Cathedral Church, he avoided that debate. Now he knows that this is a debate, he must either attend or he knows it is all over. So in order to prevent the calamity that should have befallen him, he has once more, not only disrupted the programme, but of course he had no intention to be here because he should have accountable to Imo people.

“But I think it is important that Nigerians should know, everybody should take note that it appears that Imo is going to be one state that will be interesting if you imagine the processes leading to the election. Now we know that they have been stashing arms and ammunitions over the period and we have contacted security agencies.”



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