OP-ED: Today, I wept for Christ – Ike C. Ibe

ike ibe

All day I have tried to muster the Christain faith and courage to describe the event that happened today at the Odenigbo pavilion of the Assumpta cathedral Owerri. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such a brazen episcopal desecration. At a forum organized by the Catholic Church for the IMO state governorship candidates and in the presence of over 30,000 Christian faithfuls my eyes saw my ear. As the priests were putting finishing touches for start of the debate, senior government official from the APC government house descended on the venue.

A knight of the church and most senior member of the government personally destroyed the alter of Arch Bishop Obinna and smashed the glasses. Another senior government official and commissioner manhandled a robed catholic priest and pushed him on the floor. Yet another senior govt. house official battered and broke the head of one of his Emekuku kinsmen from Apga and also threatened that if the Arch Bishop showed up that he will tear his robe. These government rascals unleashed mayhem on the Christian faithfuls.

They desecrated the church. They manhandled the clergy. They insulted the Arch Bishop. They disrespected the Holy See. They mocked God. These were all in their bid to stop a debate where candidates were supposed to tell the people how they planned to govern. If I was not at this venue personally and witnessed these, I would have thought it was a fairy tale. May God heal our land as I ask all to join me and weep for Christ.

– Ike C. Ibe 

Ibe is the Deputy governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, Imo state 



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