IMHA: Full legislative activities resume.


On Tuesday, January 28th, full legislative activities resumed in the Imo State House of Assembly as members reconvene after a month long recess to celebrate Christmas and to usher in the new year.

Although it was officially dubbed lawmakers of the State Assembly in their characteristic manner of working round the clock saw it as a golden opportunity to go back to their constituencies to reconnect, interact and chart roadmaps for the second half of their legislative year.

Also in the spirit of the season they carried out economic and financial empowerments to make life more meaningful for their constituents even as many packaged and delivered other constituency initiatives like football competitions, social and cultural activities.

Overall the underlying motivation and desired objectives of these numerous people centered programmes were basically to sustain and deepen peace, unity and security of life and property in the communities of the State so as to keep our social fabric intact.

As it were Imolites both those at home and those that returned during the yuletide have acknowledged these positive contributions of the State legislators in particular and the Imo Rescue Mission Government under Owelle Rochas Okorocha in their verdict that the last Christmas was the most peaceful in recent memory.

Against the backdrop of this encouraging verdict and vote of confidence, the IMHA on resumption   no doubt is poised and recharged to making laws and passing motions targeted at deepening and strengthening the numerous gains so for made by the Rescue Mission Government.

Of particular importance to the lawmakers is the 2014 Appropriation bill before the House. Under the committed and Rescue complaint leadership of Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu, the appropriation bill is surely going to be given accelerated attention which would lead to its passage in a record time, so that implementation would commence in earnest.

The House is also in the best frame of mind to quicken the process and passage of other critical development and people oriented bills and motions expected to impact positively on the people of the State.

Aside legislative activities the House is equally going to accord maximum priority to its oversight functions to help in the realization of Rescue Governments objective of completion and commissioning of all on-going projects.

But above all, and most importantly, the Imo Assembly lawmakers would continue its official policy of partnering with the executive arm of government as it doggedly purses its aggressive policy of transforming and taking the State to the next level.

Records have shown and as well Imolites have seen and acknowledged the legislative prowess and productivity of the current House under Rt. Hon. Uwajumogu and his deputy Pharm. Donatus Ozoemena. Therefore, as business of the House comes alive once again in the legislative chambers, Imolites are anxiously awaiting the enactment and passage of more people oriented and infrastructurally friendly laws and motions that would ultimately create the enabling environment that would make our State the investment destination of choice in the country. With the efforts made by the Speaker during the recess in wooing investors, we are sure that the House would put its best foot forward as its goes back to business to guarantee effective and efficient governance in the State.



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