DRAMA!! Imo State Commissioner, Mrs. Chioma Ogoke Kidnapped!

News of the kidnap of the Honourable State Commissioner for Commerce & Industry, Mrs.Chioma Ogoke filtered into our ears yesterday. Details surrounding her abduction are still sketchy.

Mrs.Ogoke  has been a loyal party member of APGA who worked relentlessly during the Gubernatorial Campaign of His Excellency, Rochas Okorocha .

Where was Mrs. Ogoke heading to or coming from when her captors closed in on her? Do Commissioners not have “Odley’s” assigned to protect them? Prior to her appointment as Commissioner, did she have unresolved differences with anyone?  Too many questions.

The kidnap of Mr. Vin Udukwe shortly after his tenure as Commissioner in the Ohakim Administration is still fresh in our minds.  For four (4) good months, he was in captivity and was released at a price tag of N30 Million naira.

In another development,   Dr.Mrs Martina Ugorji  was kidnapped on Friday evening in Mbieri.  According to information reaching IMO STATE BLOG, she had just rounded up at her Clinic (next door to  her house) when the sons of Lucifer caught up with her in front of her gate.

Asking price – N30 Million Naira!!

Also, wife of the Deputy State Chairman of PDP, Chief Marcon Nlemigbo   was kidnapped today, Sunday.

The suspense lingers……

These are the kind of stories that chase potential Investors away.

Undeniably, this news is a blow to the Okorocha Administration. Could these incidents   have been orchestrated by the  Opposition as a ploy to ridicule the Administration and undermine their efforts in the war against & Crime? It was just a few days ago that the Joint security outfit, Operation Rescue Imo was flagged off in the State by His Excellency, Rochas  Okorocha.  In fairness to the State Government, it is noteworthy  to mention that prior to this incident, the crime rate in  the State   had dropped significantly. So,where did these Hoodlums spring out from? Who contracted them?

For obvious reasons, Senior Officials in the State Government  are quiet over the abduction of Hon. Mrs. Ogoke. Agreeably, this is a sensitive issue at hand however, a spokesperson of the Government should  step forward to keep the people informed and reassure them of their safety!  With Christmas around the corner, how inviting is our fatherland to us?

As the news develops, we will keep our readers informed. Meanwhile, for those Media Houses, fellow Bloggers et all that come here to steal information without attributing credit to IMO STATE BLOG, you are free to steal this one too. Go ahead and rewrite in your own way as usual. The more the merrier.  Let the news spread and send fire into the camp of the abductors.

Please keep  our Honourable Commissioner, Mrs Chioma Ogoke  in your prayers. We also pray for  the safe return of everyone else in captivity at this time .


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