Legalize Prostitution in Nigeria – Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu

Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu  has called for the legalization of Prostitution in Nigeria. According to information posted by veteran Writer and Columnist,  Mr.Uche Ezechukwu, Sen. Ekweremadu is attributed to have said the following:

“……we need to regulate prostitution in this country so that if anyone wants to indulge in prostitution, the person should be registered and issued with a license. If we say we want to stop it, it would be difficult. It is done in other countries; let us regulate it by issuing license.” 

Senator Ekweremadu ranks high as one of the most admired  leaders in our country today. On this IMO STATE BLOG, he  is one of the few leaders in whom we are well pleased.  We are not sure what to make of this Statement from our distinguished Senator.

 What is this Licence we are talking about anyway? License to transmit HIV and other Sexually transmitted diseases or License that certifies that the hawker has been screened from STD’s? If we have to go that route, will there also be some sort of  “Registration fee” or Membership dues that will help generate revenue for the Ministry of Women Affairs? Also will the Presidency need to appoint a Special Adviser on Prostitution & Licencing? LWKMD!!! This is a very serious Bill!

Of all the National issues the Country is faced with, we choose not to believe the Senate actually spent time deliberating over this issue.

 Senator Ekweremadu has been harshly criticized for this Statement across Social Media forums. Calls made to his office inquiring on this issue are yet to be returned. Probably, his words were taken out of context. Let us give him the benefit of the doubt before we dint his esteemed reputation over such matter.


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