Commissioners Kidnap: Stop pointing fingers at Chief Ikedi Ohakim!

Biko nu! This message is for all those pointing accusing at Chief Ikedi Ohakim in this issue surrounding the kidnap of the State Commissioner for Commerce & Industry, Mrs.Chioma Ogoke.

How are you people sure that he is responsible for her abduction? Has he kidnapped anyone that you know?

Someone forwarded excerpts of an Article written by Social crusader,  Ikenna Samuelson accusing the former Governor of over 20 incidents that took place in Imo State.


During his declaration for second tenure in office for 2011
governorship election on the 6th of November 2010, Ikedi Ohakim stated that “only his second tenure will guarantee peace in Imo State”unquote.

He equally threatened to deal with anybody standing on his
way to achieve this so called second tenure. However it should be
noted that a lot of harassment, intimidations, assault, humiliation,
assassination and abduction etc have taken place in Imo State since this irresponsible and blood thirsty government of Ikedi Ohakim came into being on the 29th of May 2007. For the records, let me list the atrocities of the Ikedi Ohakim government in this regard for the whole world to know once again.

(1) The assassination of economic activities and properties of the
poor masses in the state which led to the untimely death of so many people.

(2) The gruesome and brutal murder of Ikedi Ohakim’s business partner Mr. Ezekwesiri Ibeawuchi in front of his house at Olokoro Street in Prefab Housing Estate – Aladinma Owerri on the 23rd of July 2008. For details please Google “OPERATION RESCUE IMO FROM BONDAGE (ORIB)”. Then check number 84.

(3) The assault and humiliation of Mrs. Elizabeth Udodoh and her two children in Lagos State by Ikedi Ohakim’s Security operations attached to his long convoy.

(4) The assault on the staff of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
(FAAN) by Ikedi Ohakim himself at the Imo Airport in 2008.

(5) The arrest, humiliation and detention of Chief Dr. Alex Obi (MFR) without any cogent and verifiable reason.

(6) The abduction, kidnap and eventual death of the mother of Chief Stanford Onyirimba, a critic of Ikedi Ohakim’s demonic government.

(7) The threat by Ikedi Ohakim himself to kidnap lecturers of Imo
State University if they do not call off their strike. He made this
threat in October 2009.

(8) The attempted abduction of Chief Barrister Ziggy Chibuzo Azike in Lagos state by people suspected to be Ikedi Ohakim kidnap squad. The case is in court.

(9) The humiliation of Chief Bob Kay Njemanze by Ikedi Ohakim’s
Security operatives under the watchful eyes of Ikedi Ohakim himself.

(10) The arrest and abduction of Mr. Maximus Uba in Abuja on the 20th of February 2010 by police men drafted from Owerri on the orders of this same Ikedi Ohakim and forcefully transported to the Imo State capital. For more information Google “AS TYRANNY TAKES OFF IN IMO STATE” (OHAKIM VERSUS MAXIMUS UBA).

(11) The physical assault on Mr. WALE OLOKUN (A Radio Nigeria
reporter) by Mr. Ismaila Bako inside the Government House.

(12) The open insult on the Catholic Bishop of Owerri Arch-Bishop
Anthony Obinna by Ikedi Ohakim special Assistant on political matters – Mr. Rex Anunobi.

(13) The Assassination attempt on Hon. Oshieze Vincent Ehirim by
people believed to be Ikedi Ohakim’s killer squad in 2008. Oshieze
Vincent Ehirim is a strong opposition member to the Ohakim’s
fraudulent government.

(14) The humiliation of Igbo Leaders including Dr. Alex Ekwueme,
Chief Jim Nwobodo, Chief Achike Udenwa, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo etc at the Prestigious Concorde Hotel Owerri by Security Operatives acting on Orders from this same Ikedi Ohakim.

(15) The illegal dethronement and humiliation of HRH Eze (Dr) Oliver Ohanweh, the obi of Eziama in Isiala Mbano LGA.

(16) The abduction and kidnap of the Eze (Dr) Sam Ohiri and the brutal assassination of his father and cousin in his palace early this year 2010. Eze (Dr.) Ohiri condemned the continued imposition of Eze (Dr) Ikechukwu Cletus Ilomanya as the Chairman of Imo State Council of Traditional Ruler (ISCTR). To silence him, he was quickly kidnapped.

(17) The brutal murder of a prominent son of Isiala Mbano LGA
allegedly by Chief Jasper Ndubuaku, a Special Assistant in Ikedi
Ohakim government. Chief Jasper Ndubuaku was allegedly to have shot the man dead in April 2007 and he is still in the mortuary since then. The case is with the Force Headquarters Abuja.

(18) The use of ENTRACO agents and Imo vigilante to assault and
humiliate the people of Imo State. For details please Google “2011

(19) The kidnap and assault of Mr. Chidi Iheme in Nkwerre LGA by
hoodlums acting on the orders of Mr. Rex. Anunobi, Mr. Steve Asimobi and Mr. Obinna Okwara all aides of Ikedi Ohakim. The matter is also before the Force Headquarters Abuja.

(20) The use of the Imo State judiciary to assault and humiliate
prominent citizens of Imo State. Ikedi Ohakim uses a well known
judicial hatchet woman (Mrs. Victoria Isiguzo) for this assignment.

(21) The brutal murder of Chief Sunny Ogbu in Ideato North few weeks ago. Chief Sunny Ogbu, a frontline House of Representative Aspirant was a vocal critic of the Ohakim government and a member of the opposition.

(22) The kidnap and abduction of Dr. Vin. Udokwu, the former
commissioner for Health in Ikedi Ohakim’s government since the past 97 days. Dr. Vin Udokwu is a cousin to Chief Achike Udenwa and is believed to have vital information and documents on the Ohakim governments. Few days after he was dropped as commissioner, he was kidnapped allegedly by the Ohakim kidnap squad.

(23) The assassination attempt on Chief Magnus Orjiakor (the Deputy Chairman of PDP statusquo) for being critical of the Ohakim government. He was brutally beaten up and he spent four months in hospital.

(24) The kidnap of Chief Hon. Peter Orji (Big Doo) allegedly by agents of Ikedi Ohakim in 2009.

(25) The vandalization and destruction of Barrister Ikedi .C. Ibe’s
Company along Okigwe road Owerri by Ikedi Ohakim’s government led by Sir George Egu, the police and the Imo Vigilante months ago.

(26) The assault and humiliation of Chief Rochas Okorocha by the
Ohakim government and the Imo vigilante few weeks ago.

(27) The assassination attempt on the Chief Chuks Ebiziem (An
Opposition member) few weeks ago. But his Security man was brutally murdered.

(28) The open threat of Ikedi Ohakim to pull down through ENTRACO, a three star Hotel (OPTIMUM HOTELS) owned by Chief Kelechi Kennedy Nwagwu, a critic of Ikedi Ohakim fraud-infested government.

(29) The assault and humiliation of Rev. Fr. Eustace Okorie by Ikedi Ohakim’s Security men on the 8th of August 2010.

(30) The abduction of this writer, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha by five armed Police men acting on the orders of this same Ikedi Ohakim on the 21st of January 2010. I was taken to the governor’s office where I met Ikedi Ohakim who climbed down from his Olympian height as governor and personally stripped me naked at gun point and assaulted me. For more details please google “HOW GOVERNOR IKEDI OHAKIM DESECRATED THE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR OF IMO STATE.

(31) And so on and so forth.

For the records, the Maximus Uba mentioned in that article was assassinated. No further information is available on that issue.

 Before all ye Lawyers argue that there is no smoke without fire, please remember that it is unfair to slander an innocent man who has done you no wrong.  Please stop the defamation against Chief Ikedi Ohakim. Keep quite before you ______    _______    ___________________   !!!

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