IMO: State of Confusion – Local Government Chairmen CLASH

Going by information reaching IMO STATE BLOG, a’ pia ra  hu serious okpo in all the Local Government Quarters in the State today.

It will be recalled that lastweek,  the Courts had ruled against the sack of the controversial  LGA Chairmen who were elected during the Ohakim Administration.

Amidst the controversies surrounding their sack and appeal at the Courts, Gov.Okorocha  exercised his discretion and  swore in his own “Men”.

Just as expected, the State was thrown into Confusion when both Camps showed up for work in their respective Local Governments. From Ikeduru to Oguta. . .  Drama all the way. Old and Young. Everyone  brought out the Mike Tyson in them.

Some showed up with Coffins “igbe ozu” ready for a bloody showdown. LWKMD!

Every Local Government that partook in the” LG Boxing Championship has a unique story to tell.  By tomorrow, we will have a clearer picture.

All eyes on Imo.   Stay tuned.

1 Corinthians 14:33

“For God is not  the Author of confusion, but of peace. . . .”

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