Imolites, if Gov.Ohakim is no more good for you, who then do you trust?

As leaders of tomorrow, we have become aware of the power behind of our vote and understand the true meaning of the word “Democracy”. I find it interesting that, the Imolites in Lagos State are campaigning for Gov. Fashola. They seem to have lost interest with the Gubernatorial Elections in their home state. With one voice, they pour out encomiums praising him for the improvement his administration has brought to the State over the Past 4yrs.

In Imo State, the opposite seems to be the case. Why is this so? Are there no significant achievements by the Ohakim Administration convincing enough for Imo Lites to re-elect him? If Ohakim is no more good for you, who then will be the Miracle working “Messiah”?

Just like the people of Enugu both Old & Young are filled with nothing but love & appreciation for Enugu’s Gov.Sullivan Chime, I sincerely wish the same for Imo State. I call on all citizens  to stand as one as we say NO to bad governance in Nigeria.

As we head out to the polls tomorrow, please keep the knives, Guns and Matchet’s at home. Let us VOTE IN PEACE for the Candidate of our Choice.

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