IMPEACHMENT SAGA: Jude Agbaso vindicated by EFCC over involvement in N458m bribery scandal.

 The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has vindicated erstwhile Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso in the  N1.5 bn scandal.

On March 28, 2013, 23 of the 27 lawmakers impeached Agbaso over his alleged “indictment” in the contract scam. Even when Sir Jude Agbaso fought to clear his name, his voice was silenced with various “confessions” from certain quarters who surfaced to testify against him. See full report here: Imo State Assembly goes public with Impeachment notice.


Sir Jude Agbaso’s did not relent in his quest for justice. He kept fought bravely to redeem his name and challenged   the Financial crimes Commission to investigate the contractor, Joseph Dina of JPROS International Nigeria, Ltd who came out to testify under oath that he actually paid bribe in the amount of N458M to  Jude Agbaso.

Nine months after the elected deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso was forced out of office, a  mind-buggling revelation from the EFCC  has emerged to vindicate the accused. Below is a copy of the letter dated November 27th, 2013 addressed to Sir Jude Agbaso which was signed by the EFCC’s Director of Operations, Olaolu Adegbite.



Going by information contained in this document, the vindication from the EFCC is a big blow to our legislative arm AND the 7 -man panel set up by our state Chief Judge, Justice Benjamin Njemanze. It may be recalled that when Agbaso was impeached, he was  quickly replaced by a longtime Personal Assistant / Chief of Staff to  Governor Rochas Okorocha. Politically, it was just a matter of “name swapping” as both Agbaso and Madumere hailed from the same senatorial zone.

Now that the EFCC has exonerated Jude Agbaso, how do you begin to apologize to a man whose name was dragged to the mud and eventually impeached over a matter he had no involvement in? How can we be convinced that our judiciary stands on justice and fairness?

To the lawmakers who appended their signatures to the impeachment, how do you convince your constituents that you were not compromised to hang an innocent man even when he cried out with pointers that said he was being framed up. READ HERE >> Imo Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso breaks silence on impeachment saga. 

Sadly, even our Imo state Judiciary system has more questions to answer. When the accused asked for a fair hearing , his papers were hurriedly flung out of a High Court. Apparently, the show had to go on to fulfill all scenes in the script.  READ HERE: UPDATE: Court strikes out motion to stop Agbaso’s impeachment; show must go on.  

It is said that there is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience which supercedes all other courts. The late Martin Luther King Jr  reminds us  that Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.

Good people of Imo, where do we go from here?

Joi John



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