KIDNAPPED: Former Speaker, Rt.Hon Godfrey Dikeocha and Dr.Henry Dozie are latest victims.

These kidnappers will not allow us to hear word in Imo State. Our ears are full. The first victim here is Rt.Hon Godfrey Dikeocha, a former Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly. He was kidnapped in his village in Aboh Mbaise on Friday.

Rt.Hon Dikeocha as we know is still very active in Politics.  This time around, he indicated his interest to run for the PDP Local government congress election.

Early Friday afternoon, Hon. Dikeocha updated his status on Facebook.

While friends and well wishers  were rejoicing with him, ndi uta were on one corner plotting how to take him into captivity. Typically when such situations occur, people start looking into other candidates in the election.


IMO STATE BLOG gathered that his strongest opponent  was  Jonathan Egbule alias “BULLET”, former supervisory councillor for education, youth and sports, Aboh Mbaise Local Government Council.

It is note worthy to mention that  Honourable “BULLET” Onyeneke,  is related to the disgraced Eze  Cosmas Egbule Onyeneke ( The “Ise I of Mbaise” cum “Ekwueme IV of Lagwa Okwuato”) who was dethroned by the Imo State Government recently  for habouring kidnappers in his factory.

VICTIM NO. 2: The next high profile citizen in the hands of these hoodlums is non other than Dr.Henry Dozie who was kidnapped on Wednesday.  Dr.Dozie is the younger brother to Mr.Pascal Dozie ( Chairman/ CEO , Diamond Bank). He is also married to Honourable commissioner for Women affairs, Mrs. Ann Dozie.


As the story goes, the kidnapper feigned sickness and went to Dr.Dozie’s hospital (St.Charles Hospital, Emekuku)  Like every other patient, he picked up a card, paid the consultation fee and met with Dr.Henry Dozie who ordered for a series of lab work testing to be carried out.


Dude showed up at the hospital the next day (Wednesday) with his “Lab Report” as directed – sharp sharp!.  Unsuspecting of any foul play, the Doctor and his Nurse went in for consultation only for  the so called patient to pull out a gun. They were held hostage till his back up crew arrived and whisked Dr.Dozie away.

These kidnappers have really grown wings. Now, they have carried their madness to the hospitals. Very soon they will start kidnapping right in the middle of Holy Communion service.   God forbid!!!  How long will this continue? Who will be the next victim?



Nna anyi no n’ eligwe, biko gbahara anyi mmehe anyi.

Mere anyi ebere.  Anyi na si ka igbahara anyi otu-obula anyi siri mejo gi na ala Imo.  






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