LAND TUSSLE SAGA PT 3: Renaissance Group, Amawom Umu-Ikenegbu community responds.

A member of the Renaissance Group, Amawom Umu Ikenegbu community has reached out to share a copy of a Press Release which explains their cause.


If you have followed the first two articles we published on the Owere nchi ise land tussle with the Imo State government,   please take time to read through this.






1. Respectfully,with a deep sense of responsibility,we the Renaissance Group,being inheritors and landowner of New Owerri Area K and Arugo Layout otherwise known to us as Nwarigariga,Nwedo,uzoelu and Ono Nwaopokoro Farm Lands belonging largely to us, hereby write to rise to the occasion to the defence of our Ancestral inheritance and further to, bare our heavy heart to the orchestrated, sequestration, extinction, annihilation and infringement of our fundamental right to property by the present Government of Imo State.

We call on all well meaning Nigerians (Home and Abroad), Civil Society Groups, Opinion Moulders, Our distinguished representatives at the National Assembly,International Communities and most importantly the PRESIDENT and Commander-in-chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,to please help us.


2. That upon the creation of Imo State in 1976 our community embraced the development being the landlords to the triumvirate arms of government and ,aware of the attendant risk of urbanization ,became disposed to freely and willingly donate our priced lands for the development of the larger Imo State Government interest and indeed,the interest of the Federal Government namely Government House,Old Orlu Rd. and Okigwe Rd. Secretariat,Imo State University site presentlt,New Owerri Old ‘D’ Layout.Old and New Stadium,Imo State Judiciary Premises,Ama JK Recreation Park, Aladinma Housing Estate,Ikenegbu Estate,Imo State Library Premises.

Interestingly, we had donated land for the development in areas like Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Federal Medical Centre Owerri, NIPOST and NITEL Premises,SHELL CAMP,ASSUMPTA Cathedral just to mention but a few.




3. Nevertheless and about thirteen (13) years ago,it became obvious that our community has become land locked and landless,we dared government with a legal action instituted at the High Court titled HOW/146/99 and HOW/140/2010 respectively seeking that our remaining land shell no longer be acquired hence our circumstance and for the purposes of expansion.At this juncture,it is noteworthy to say,that successive administration in Imo State,realizing our position had adopted and applied deliberate over sight policy on all matters concerning land with Amawom Community and thus,we lived and co-inhibited peacefully having lost over 80% percent of our land holden.



4. The truth of the matter is that Owerri as a capital city is the only place designed and built without a resettlement plan for the land owners and past administration of the state had developed and from time to time,implemented this policy of sequestration and extinction and closed their eyes to attend to the clarion need to appreciate the role and contribution our community had made for the upliftment of Imo State in general.




5. As a people we voted massively for his Excellency Owelle Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha in the past generation election 10 months ago,believing strongly in the RESCUE MISSION AGENDA and wonder why we are maltreated in this manner.We know that His Excellency may have been wrongly informed about our disposition in the light of the above,but we believe,that this is the handiwork of avowed enemies and would be quick to say,that we are peaceful,non-violent and and development compliant partners with great respect for the rule of law and above all GOD.




6. That we unequivocally condemn the forcible taking over of our inheritance with negotiation,disrespect to our fundamental human rights and respect to the rule of law.




7. That we shall move with our people in that land and shall not leave until justice is done. Our heads we know ,may be bloodied but shall remained unbowed.




Finally,we pray that His Excellency, revisit these issues with a view to seeing all issues raised and analyzed from their scientific objectivity. OWELLE NA KWA ECHEKI!!!




Thank you.

Amawom Umu-Ikenegbu Community



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