Mbaise Youths Should start holding their political leaders answerable.

It beats my imagination to note that Hon.Independent Ogulewerepresented Ahiazu/Ezinihitte for 8 solid years with no dividend of denocracy to his constituency and Mbaise as a whole.

Rt Hon.Emeka Ihedioha is into his third term in office and the deputyspeaker, Are we going to only enjoy the razzmatazz of being the highest office holder in Imo state and sponsorship of the opposition to the elected state governor?

Generally speaking , Mbaise nweremadu is a true statement but that statement is transformed to comedy considering how many ministers and political heavy weights ,Mbaise with only 3 local government has produced since the first republic starting from the ‘Nwogas’ and the ‘Dr Ogbonnas’ as ministers in the first republic and Senators IzIdor Obasi, Tony Anyanwu sr, Bright Nwanne who all served as senators of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The likes of Innocent Nwoga, Sylvester Ugo,prof. Febian Osuji, Mrs. Chinwe Obaji and presently Prof. Mrs viola Onwuliri. Rowland Anyanwu was the state liason officer to the presidency under Shehu shagari and the rest of Mbaise indgenes who have served in their verious capacities as top government officials .

Little wonder most of us are asking where all those heavy wights have been since the 80’s that Chief Sam Mbakwe esterblished the Imo state university with Ovuru as a campus waiting for development.

With these mentioned and unmentioned heavy weights who have served the nations from Nbaise at the federal level, our youths have the right to point to one or two federal esterblishment that was attractd by one of our Mbaise Nwere madu that should be a land mark and pride of Mbaise today to empower our teaming unmployed youths.Instead ndom anyi alota go ahia kedu nke anyi?.


Why is it that it was when Rochas moved the Uvuru Mbaise campus to to his village Okpoko that they woke up to tell us as electioneering campaign that Rochas hates Mbaise.

I have critically studied all our past and present politicians, the only person making a meaningful impact on the electorate today since she became a senator is distinguished senator Chris N.D. Ukah Anyanwu.

For the avoidance of doubts ,try and go to her constituency office at MCC road Owerri to check out her programs from infrastructure in her Owerri contituecy to youths empowerment, scholarships , town union meetings and job placement espcially in her defence portfolio.


It is pertinent at this point to remind those our sons and daughters jumping from pillar to post to govern Imo that in Mbaise,though we are high in number and ndi oke sense but only 3 local governments out of 27 lga and as such for us to produce a governor , aga apkaya apka with other lgas and most importantly, our voters have grown wiser with experience, kidnapping of ballot box is no longer in vogue, buying of vote is a thing of the past, voters are being senstized now to accept any money given to them and vote their concience,the use of gun trotting security agents is a thing of the past but the record of our public servants should at any moment speak for them.


The present president of America ,Barrack Obama is going to win his second term in office because he has delivered most of his campaign promises in his first term in office .

Let us start now to appraise qualitative leadership in our noble town Mbaise so that we can with one voice, prove to our detractors that mbaise indeed nwere madu and not ndi oshu na ama na ndi efulefu.

Written by Matthew Mbanaja



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