IMHA Drama: Speaker, Deputy Ohakimed+ Bede Eke romance exposed

 It is no longer news that Hon.Goodluck Opiah has  been impeached from his prestigeous post as Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly. Deputy speaker, Jonas Okeke was also Ohakimed as well.The movement was succesfully carried out on Tuesday, May 31st. So, who is this Hon.Goodluck Opiah and why did his own colleagues OHAKIMIZE him?

Yours truly went asking.

I was reliably informed by an anonymous colleauge of the disgraced speaker, that Hon. BADLUCK Opiah was best known as Errand boy of former Governor, Ikedi Ohakim who turned into a tyrant and frustrated other Honourable members by making their legislation ineffective.  Also, because of his close relationship to the ousted Ohakim, there was little or nothing the House could do to impeach him.I understand that this is the second time in a span of 6 days to impeach Hon.Opiah.

Anonymous Honourable Member: He is a foolish man. Ohakim gave him so much power that he became intoxicated. We his colleagues were now small boys to him. This is a man that was a common sales man before now. I have never seen a bigger idiot. . . . . I’m telling you. He was power drunk and his impeachment was long overdue. Let him go and continue with his girlfriends and leave the legislation to us. 

Did I just hear Girlfriend? How do you mean sir?

Before I could say R-O-C-H-A-S- O-K-O-R-O-C-H-A , my Honourable informant had to go. Leaving me hanging. . . .Almost every Honourable member keeps a girlfriend or two . Kini big deal?. Let he who is without a girlfriend in the House of Assembly step forward to cast the first stone at the disgraced Speaker.

 Out of curiousity, I was led in the spirit to  hear from a Female staff of the House of Assembly on their perception and working relationship with the former Speaker. I called up my childhood friend, (name witheld)  and that turned out to be a big mistake because my innocent ear drums were not prepared for the feedback.

Ah. That one? Correct Pay master.  Girls here are even fighting for him. Even some married women sef. Joi, you know now.  If he likes you he can even go as far as renting a house for you; there was one lady here he bought a  car for. Even when girls come from outside to visit him, nobody complains because you will loose out. Or is it the one they call Bede Eke? Birds of the same feather. Woman wrapper.


This is the 2nd time the name BEDE EKE has come under my radar. Who is this Honourable member wey no gree me hear word?

This is what I was told:

Errrm, Bede is a former 419ner. Was totally useless in the House.His God-father is  Okenze Obinna; another crook despised by Ngor Okpala people. Bede’s family is abroad after so much drama between him and his wife (Lilian) I hear he has done nothing tangible  with the money. Still pays rent (unconfirmed) sometime ago, I hear he was bragging about getting Mercy Johnson with 3 Million naira. . .

 O Chi m o! So this is what some of  our Honourable Speakers are doing with our Money? Lavishing raw cash on Local champion turned Celebritites. . . Bush meats. . . Imagine paying millions to get between the legs of Mercy Johnson biko nu? Tufiaaaaaaaaaaa!! Only God knows how  Mrs. Florence Opiah and Mrs. Lillian Eke are feeling right now.  I hear Bede Eke’s wife is strikingly beautiful. Polite and very focussed. According to my source, she left with the kids to America (California) when their Marital issues could not be solved amicably.

I shake my head.

Tomorrow, if she starts a relationship with an Oyibo or Akata, all the whole Traditional rulers will come out and start preaching . . . .

 But then again, I wonder why  anyone would leave a promiscious husband alone in Nigeria of all places. Mba nu . . . no body does that.

I also heard she is also in School in America . . . Very good move ma but biko  what is it that you are reading Madam? Why not put those Books aside and get on your knees for our beloved Honourable before his  Hot Pants bring diseases into your matrimonial home. God no go gree sha!

To the affected Honourable Wives, Mrs. Florence Goodluck Opiah and Mrs.Lillian Bede Eke,  all I  can say is the Lord is your strength Madams. Na so. . . . many are the afflictions of wives married to rich men. May God protect every faithful married woman from sexually transmitted diseases As for those married women . . . .daughters of Jezebel who leave their matrimonial homes to romance our Honourable members woe betide una one by one.

Anyway, before I take my leave. For record purposes, Rt.Hon.Oppy was succeeded by Hon.Amaechi Nwoha representing Nwangele constituency. Though his tenure will be short, he intends to address some of the dangerous notions, passed under Oppiah that did not mean well for Imolites .

Cant help laughing at the word dangerous. . . . . these our Honourable members and their heavy grammar sef. . . lol!

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