Moving Imo forward in 2012: What should Governor Okorocha do?

Our first post for the year!! Happy new year to each and every one of us that made it into 2012! When we remember the lives we lost due to the terrorist attack in the Country, we are reminded that the cross-over into 2012 was a privilege. All thanks to God for what he has done and we thank Him in anticipation of the many good things he will do.

What could be more appropriate to start the year with than seeking ways to move our state forward in the new year?

A good government is one that listens to its citizens afterall, Democracy is about communication.  In fairness to the Okorocha Administration, they have done commendably well in the past seven months.  We applaud Governor Rochas Okorocha and thank him for the much his administration has brought to the State.

Many of us will agree that in restoring Imo back to its glory days, there is more work to be done. So, in your opinion,  what should the Governor do to move Imo State forward?



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