Introducing our HEALTH section: Articles for “us”, by “us”.

We have introduced a Health section on our Blog . In this section, we will be sharing various Health related articles to help enlighten us.  You will get to read about symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention to the many diseases we are ignorant about.

This is not going to be a copy-and-paste affair.   There are so many  erudite Health professionals of Igbo extraction in our midst with a wealth of knowledge to share.  The articles you will read here  would be written FOR US, BY US!

Our maiden topic will address HIV infection. Dr. Chin Akano will be sharing information about this  dreaded and highly misunderstood infection that has claimed many lives.   The good news is that with the right education, we can prevent the infection. Even when contacted, with early diagnosis and treatment, we can go about our normal lives.

Please join us with your  biro and exercise book to take notes from our first online Health class tomorow.

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