Nkiru Sylvanus is the most productive appointee by Gov. Okorocha – Liaison office staff

 We took up questions on  Facebook  seeking opinions from  Citizens on how they assesed the Okorocha Adminstration.   We also discussed some of the appointees assisting the Governor in realizing his vision in Imo.

Nkiru Sylvanus came up for discussion when someone questioned what she was doing in the Governors Rescue Mission in the first place. LWKMD. *Shaking my head*

Anyway, this time around, someone who happens to work at the Lagos Liason office  stepped forward to defend the actress.

Here is what he/she  had to say:

I think its so wrong for people to judge a book by its cover pls! Nkiru is doing great in her position and is one of the most productive appointees of the Governor so far. Please do a background check before voicing an opinion. How do I know? Because I work dia.

 Joy, the State’s relationship and image with Embassies and High Commissions is in top shape, her management and  proposals on the messy issues of government properties in Lagos have been great. Relationship with the town unions and Imo citizens in lagos, the smooth handling of repatriation and rehabilitation cases…etc!


Trust me when I say this because I have seen 6 Liaison officers come and go, but she (Nkiru Sylvanus) would never be forgotten in a hurry!! Why? Because she is on top of her job as a Liaison Officer!

WOW!   Totally speechless! Great one Nkiru.

Please keep it up.

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