PATRICK OKOROAFOR: Citizens appeal to Gov Rochas Okorocha for his release.

Over the past few days, Governor Okorocha’s facebook page has been bombarded with appeals from Citizens asking for the release of one Patrick Okoroafor.  It doesn’t look like his Media people are active on that page or atleast know what to do with it. The last page update is dated November 11, 2011.

Anyway, we have  followed posts calling for the release this Patrick Okoroafor silently. This particular one caught our attention.



Gov Okorocha Please Free Patrick Okoroafor -Amnesty International. 

Patrick Okoroafor was arrested on charges of robbery and kidnapping, a crime he has always said he never committed. On 30 May 1997, aged 16. He was sentenced to death with no right to appeal.

In 2001, the High Court pronounced his death sentence illegal, null and void, still Patrick was not released. The High Court ruling was that Patrick will be held “during the pleasure of the governor”, as permitted under the Nigerian criminal code. Gov Udenwa and Ohakim all ignored the plight of innocence Patrick and did not exercise right to release the man under their “pleasure”.

We appeal to Gov Rochas Okorocha to show HOPE to Patrick and help to heal this wound of a young man who have stay over half of his life in prison for an offence he did not commit.  Patrick is presently held in Aba prison, Abia state.(alleged offence happen in Imo state)

Chai!  This is a serious matter o. If the poor boy is innocent , they should kuku ma release him so they can see where to put the kidnappers terrorizing us. Hope he gets justice.

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