No Owerri indigene has invested more than me in Owerri – Okorocha

“I have a stake in Owerri, no governor has invested the way I have invested in Owerri and no Owerri son or daughter has invested more than me in Owerri, both the living and the dead, I stand to be challenged. The worst of it is that when Eze Njemanze died, I offered to build a house for him but the same clique refused. When I came into office 2011, I had meeting with elders of Owerri of which Bob Njemanze was present, they advised me to remove Ekeukwu, that, it was bringing crime to the City. I refused but only to remove it 5 years interval. Just watch the development this will bring to Owerri people….”.


Excerpts from a Government House press release dated September 13th, 2017.



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