Obasanjo’s heart-warming speech on Gov.Okorocha everyone is talking about.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo left many with goose bumps while speaking at the wedding reception of Governor Okorocha’s daughter, Uloma and her husband Hon.Uche Nwosu.


“I am particularly happy with you Rochas in respect to the last statement you made talking about the unity of this country which is non-negoitable.

 Today in this wedding ceremony, we have ANC, APGA, PDP governors and representive of CPC governor signifying that all political parties in Nigeria are well represented.  Before I came to this place there was a rumour in some circle asking why I as a PDP man should attend, but I said I am not coming here as a PDP man.

As for this occasion, I am here as a father and friend.  Not only that Rochas and family are friends to my family, politics will certainly not keep me away from such a great occasion just because Rochas has temporarily decided to join APGA.  For God’s sake, let our politics have harmony, humanity acceptance of each other worth as human being and Nigerians”

“For me, Rochas Okorocha though not a perfect human being like every other person has made a significant contribution to the unity of this country.  He was just talking about unity and did not tell us about his background and what he was doing in Jos where he cut his teeth as a human being.  The fact that his upbringing was not only in Igbo has certainly stood him up in good state.  Always do good for your people not minding the fact that the more good you do, the more criticisim you face in life. …As a leader, there is no way you can be perfect. Even when you do the right things people will condemn you. But keep on doing what is right and let posterity judge your actions”

Beautiful speech.

But why does  Chief Obasanjo assume Governor Okorocha is temporarily in APGA?



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