Obowo stands still for Hon.Commissioner,Chike John Okafor

An Obowo indigene reached out to give her account of her experience today at Hon. Chike John Okafor’s swearing in- ceremony.

Nne,hmmm.  A  grand ceremony indeed. Come and see C-R-O-W-D!  I no fit snap o because I couldnt get space inside the Multi-purpose Hall. From there, they entered the Executive Council chambers with Owelle. We went ahead of him to the village. . . . . 

My dia, na him get effizzy pass. Mega Swagger!  I will send you a picture. Too rowdy. Na him I wan snap but I didnt get up to 5 mins with him. It was grand for real. He is the most popular of all the Commissioners which is amazing considering, he is not a Career Politician..

What makes him popular, I asked.

His humility, Philantropy! That guy is a mega-giver! In church, at work ,anywhere. He doesn’t need to knowyou to assist you. If you are truly in need of help. He is intelligent . He  is Handsome . . .  infact, e plenty. 

NICE!  I am going  to pretend like I didnt see the HANDSOME Part, and focus on the rest of the attributes. We hope to continue getting these kind of reports. Unfortunately, POWER is intoxicating. Very few remember their people when they get into office. . . My mind easily flashes back to the story about how Hon. Emeka Nwajiuba humilated his constituents who paid him a courtesy call visit at the National Assembly. CLICK HERE TO READ: THE SINS OF HON. EMEKA NWAJIUBA

Not our portion . . . .

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