BOKO HARAM: An aimless drift.. . . .

..And the ship drifted on.NNS Naija-Benue, captained by Admiral Jona,with crew members Commodores Namadi and David-Bona, and shipmates Aminu,Emeka and the big fat Pius (who seems to live only on freshfish pepper soup and imported South African Castle Lager) “firmly” in charge.But this ship is in serious danger,pirates lurk menacingly all around;a savage,brutish band of pirates who have vowed that come what may,this ship must sink.Some of these pirates include former admirals who Jona dislodged from power and marooned them to the cheerful delight of most of the passengers.

Well,he promised the gullible passengers lots of fresh air,and fresh clean water(most of them have been living on sea water for about 50 years ,except the very privileged few who occasionally get imported bottled water from the captain’s cabin).This morning ,the chief sentryman, Hafiz alerted Admiral Jona about another group of pirates in a wooden boat marked KOBO-MARAH -all clad in animal skin,and without shoes. They have been firing fire-flaming arrows and Molotov cocktails at the ship.Hafiz,on Adm Jona’s command, makes a loud broadcast with his megaphone,informing everyone on board not to worry,that he has a new secret strategy to dislodge the latest pirates.

Meanwhile passengers in the upper cabins are screaming for their lives,they don’t believe Hafiz or Adm Jona’s promise of safety or security;while those in the southern lower cabins prepare for a moonlight games festival.Admiral Jona,Namadi,David-Bona,Aminu and Emeka with the other shipmates are drawing up a list of smart,wise 36 passengers who will help them navigate the ship while they plan how to share the jewelry,cash,food and other luxuries left by previous captains and admirals in the captain’s cabin.Hafiz returns to his sentry point to find its glass windows shattered to pieces.

The passengers for once are laughing and jeering at Hafiz in their dark hot,overcrowded spaces;the wise ones are fasting and praying to join the privileged captains,Hafiz’s megaphone is blaring,and the pirates’ arrows are flying.NNS Naija-Benue drifts on aimlessly and endlessly,perhaps to berth at 2020 island.

By: Guest blogger.

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