Ohakim and Okorocha are birds of the same feather flying together with greed and corruption.

Mr. Ohakim tasking Governor Rochas Okorocha on transparency and integrity, Ohakim stated that out of the N18billion bond obtained from the capital market and tied to the construction of the Oguta Wonder lake Resort, N13.5billion was left behind by his administration for the completion of the project. I think what Ohakim was saying was an advice, confession, repentance and a way forward.


But I want every Imo State indigenes to understand that these people are the same birds flying together with the same greed character and corruption . When Ohakim was in power, I could remember that the same people that condemning him today while still the same people praising him and even rated him as Imo best Governor during his time.

Today Governor Rochas Okorocha the man at the moment and even the best according to peoples saying. But always bear it in mind that this people have no good plan for Imo State. They only interest is their selfish ambitions.  Moreover, It’s a very shameful thing that after Sam Mbakwe’s regime in Imo state, the state is yet to produce a good governor like Mbakwe since 1979 to 1983.

Mbakwe earned the nickname “the weeping governor” for crying while trying to convince the federal government to pay more attention to his state; the first occasion of his famed tears was the Ndiegoro flood in Aba, which was then a part of Imo State. He had invited President Shehu Shagari to witness the destruction done by the floods, and it was said that he was moved to tears while conducting the president around the disaster area. And all the works he lift behind still like that as his second term was interrupted by General Muhammadu Buhari’s military coup of December 31, 1983, which brought about the end of the Second Republic. Since then the face of Imo state is still like a soccer ball in the center of Ocean with no destination only control by the waves of so called politician Maggots .


Nevertheless, the first format for Governor Rochas Okorocha’s administration was free Education programme in the state which ends up by giving few Imo state indigenous students #60,000, #80,000 naira and million indigenous students still yet to receive. Universities and Polytechnics in the state are lacking facilities in all schools, Imagine Government Schools without adequate classrooms, all buildings with leaking roofs. Government primary/ secondary schools in the state including the ones in my home town are nothing to writing home about.

Yet we buy the format of free education programme by Rochas administration. According to the Bible {We should believe what we never see and it will come to pass} we still believing that Mr. Rochas Okorocha will deliver as he promised.

The second format was that Imo State roads and infrastructures would be developed and built like the ones in state of Texas USA. What a great format?

Today Imo state roads/streets is full of constructions company tools causing hold up everywhere, the state capital once known as the Cleanest City In Nigeria have turn to dumping ground.


I’m not Anti Rochas Okorocha or Ikedi Ohakim but my stand is a way forward and I believe it’s the right time for all Imo state youths to come together with one voice and make a way forward in the State. It’s time for a youth to lead Imo state to the promise land. And most important, let us not to be convinced with their fake probing stories.



God Bless Imo State


Ejike Henry Akuneziri



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