Where are the Printing machines for Imo Newspapers?

During the Mbakwe administration in Imo State, world-class printing machines and other printing equipment were procured for Imo Newspaper Limited making the newspaper one of the best in Africa.

There were two rotary machines capable of printing 10,000 copies of newspapers per minute, stitching machines for binding of printed materials and sword machines for printing of things like calendars, magazines, books, posters etc.

Presently, a rotary machine costs over =N50 million.


However, reports reaching us from some staff of the newspaper say that the present Imo State government recently, came to the premises of the newspaper and carted away all the above listed machines claiming that the items were to be taken to Lagos for repairs. It is said that on reaching Lagos, the government was told that the equipments were of very superior quality and could hardly be procure anywhere in the world today.

However, the equipments were confirmed to have minor electrical faults which were eventually repaired.

Our sources informed us that those equipment never came back to Imo till the time of this report as they were all auctioned to yet to be disclosed persons in Lagos at very unreasonable low prices.

When the Imo State Commissioner for Information Mr. Chinedu Offor was contacted on this report, he declined to make comments.

– Romanus Eke



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