Ohakim’s Dr Okpaleke Really Needs Help! – Mba Ogbonnaya

Recent research has proven serious damaging effect of excessive intake of alcoholic beverages worse still ethanol. Again, the controversy over the devastating effect of nicotine cannot be over emphasized. Pray, the extreme damaging effect of the aforementioned is better heard than experienced.

At cozy and seeming serene lounge in a hotel located in New Owerri peopled by over fed and piggy-fatty and spoilt looking men who are comfortably seated sipping from their glass cups filled with sparkling and urine coloured solvent. There they will be from morning till night. Adding colour and glamour to the whole scene is a seeming relentless diffusion of smoke being pumped out from a human chimney. Lo and behold that is Ohakim’s Okpaleke.


Again, I may be said to be attacking Okpaleke’s personality instead of looking at issues raised by his person. How do you differentiate a neurotic patient from a normal person if not by their normal and abnormal behaviours. If I say that Okpaleke’s submission in his case against Governor Okorocha on Road Construction Awards is borne out of hallucination as a result of no known substance, I will still be held down for an offence of attacking his person.


Drawing from the foregone, it follows that first and foremost; let us ask about the mental state of ‘dr’ or native doctor Okpaleke each time he lets out such suspicious ‘concoction’ of distorted arguments.  I am being this open and daring because I love Okpaleke. He needs help. He needs our prayers. All may not be well with him after all. He has in no little measure diminished from what he used to look like. Let us rally round him and deliver him from excessive intake of nicotine, alcohol and ethanol. It is really pathetic.

For the issues he raised on Governor Okorocha, Road Construction and Contractors, at no time did Imo Government pegged I kilometer Road at N120 million. It never happened. Abinitio, it has always been N60 million. Again, at no time did Imo State Government give out a stretch of 19 kilometre Road to one Contractor. It never happened. Meanwhile, it is true that contractors move to cite but not without a covering letter as an instrument that there exist a contract between the Government and the Contractor. What happened was the PDP sent their people to town to go and open any Road in the guise that Governor Okorocha instructed them to so do. That is another ploy of the PDP to soil the image of Governor Okorocha. They have been asked to come and prove their source but to no avail. What they are interested in is to carry placards.



What is IRROMA. IRROMA was that seeming policy thrust from an Angel of light but unfortunately it turned out to be a hi-tech designed proboscis to suck out the little nectar left of Imo State. Okpaleke and cohorts should be queried what happened to the so acclaimed N12.5billion assets of the defunct IRROMA. IRROMA is no different from Mid-West Airline where Imo fund was used to hire equipment to hoodwink only to return it to the real owners. Little assets left by the predecessors were largely looted by Ohakim led regime. Imo State at present has recovered many of her property from Ohakim’s family.

Please, joining issue with Kelechi Okpaleke remains one of the riskiest ventures as it is like fighting with mentally deranged person where you too may be viewed as such.

Our observation is that efforts are being made to scuttle good governance that has remained elusive in Imo under PDP before the emergence of APGA’s Okorocha. But for Okpaleke’s effort, it should be viewed with reservation due to his present condition.

Mba Ogbonnaya






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