Okorocha vs Anyanwu reloaded: Details on the drama at Oru Owerre 2014.


monkey cameraEveryone is talking about the drama that occurred at the just concluded Oru Owerri Cultural Festival which was held this past Saturday at the Ugwu Ekwema civic center. There have been many versions to what exactly transpired at the event that led our distinguished Senator representing Owerri senatorial district to storm out of the venue shedd tears. We promised to give you the real gist and we are back to share what we know.

IMO STATE BLOG gathered that the event which took place at the Ugwu Ekwema civic center had  Governor Rochas Okorocha led his deputy, Prince Eze Madumere and members of the state EXCO to celebrate with the good people of Owerri. The festival however took a very dramatic dimension when onye isi who was quietly minding his business enjoying the ceremony was given the microphone to speak.

oru owere1

After his signature intro, “My People, My People“, the Governor had gingered the crowd who chanted back “My Governor, My Governor“. Once he had gained their undivided attention, he began enumerating his achievements in Imo since the inception of his administration in 2011. Next, came the “ballistic missiles”. The first victims of the Rochasima bomb were those he tagged as “Criminals”.  Urging the people to be cautious of politicians they elect into office, he moved on to the next categories: He told the crowd not to allow:

“A woman who slaps her husband in public to govern the state”.

He continued: “You must not allow ono na di acho di (translation: a married woman with hot pants who derives pleasure in sleeping around with other men) to govern or represent you anymore.

“You must not allow a slippers thrower to be your governor. “

According to our sources, the Governor DID NOT mention any names during his speech however, we recall that the Chief Executive and our female Senator, Chris Anyanwu who has made her intentions known to run for the upcoming governorship have been at each others throat for a long time.  In December 2012, the Governor’s team accused Anyanwu of throwing her slippers at him when their convoys clashed along Owerri-Umuahia express road. Sen. Anyanwu also went to press alleging that the Governor ordered his security detail to attack her own convoy and beat up her men.

 A few weeks back, Anyanwu shredded the Governor apart on the Senate floor over the alleged registering of northerners in Imo state.  She described the governor as a stranger who brought shame to the people of Imo and one who lacked the knowledge of the Nigerian constitution. It has been one drama to the other and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem this would be the last. We have reached out to Senator Chris Anyanwu’s camp for comments. If they deem it appropriate to respond, we will share their statement with you.

Meanwhile, some feel that Governor Okorocha went too far with his utterances at the festival. Some are of the opinion that Senator Chris Anyanwu may have pushed the Governor to the wall over the years and deserved the full dose she got.


What is your own opinion?



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