OPINION: Dear Senator Uzodinma, you cannot fight Okorocha and succeed – Ekwe Scott Ekwe

Dear Senator Hope Uzodimma,

I admire your kind of politics which I also believe has endeared you to so many people in Imo even across party lines.. But I must tell you this truth, fighting Governor Owelle Okorocha is not the best thing for you to do more so when you just joined the same party some of u called Boko Haram party and even labeled him Okoroawusa.. You are very new in APC whether you like it or not! President Buhari holds Gov Okorocha in esteem more than all of you in Coalition. So it’s a mere wishful thinking to think that the President will trust you more than the very man that took insults and abuses in the southeast for his sake. I want to advise you to go to Gov Okorocha..

Politics is give and take! Work with him! You can not fight him and succeed! Governor Okorocha is in charge of APC in Imo nay the southeast by virtue of his contributions towards strengthening the party in the region. As it is anybody fighting him is embarking on an exercise in futility! You saw what played out at the APC National Convention despite the gang up, Governor Okorocha came out “victoriously unscathed “..and he has continued to win in other battles.. So my dear Senator Hope Uzodimma, look for the black sheep in the daylight before it is dark. Politics is give and take,avail yourself of this opportunity,drop your pride and go to the Governor for talks.. I believe there’s need for it.. Ndewo

Ekwe Scott Ekwe

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