OPINION: Samuelson Iwuoha is blackmailing the office of the Speaker – By Ahamefula Amadi

opinionFollowing repeated and deliberate propaganda by Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha against the office of the speaker Imo State House of Assembly, and the good people of Ihitte/Uboma State constituency of Imo State, aimed at distorting historic reputation and designed to criminally blackmail the office of the speaker Imo State House of Assembly to retain his former appointment as the Senior Special Assistant on media to the Rt Hon Speaker IMHA. It has become necessary for some us to reiterate some silent facts about the unfortunate irrational behavior exhibited by Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, the suspended senior special assistant on special duties, which started few weeks after he was removed as the Senior Special Assistant on media.

Ordinarily, further response to the recent media statements by Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha would not have been necessary since the office of the speaker has made clear its position on the issues in their previous media publications that they will not respond, negotiate or succumb to blackmail. But in this season of absurd politicking and orchestration of LIES as the TRUTH, the Network of Imo Youths,Okigwe Chapter deems it fit to once again reiterate the valid points of the matter for education and understanding of Imo people in particular and the Nigerian public in general.

The said letters purportedly written by an aggrieved former aide of the Speaker to the Executive Governor of Imo state and copied to the EFCC,ICPC,THE FORCE HEADQUTERS and other agencies on allegation of fraud on the man that replaced him in the media department and the chief of staff to the speaker was obviously intended to blackmail, create crisis amongst the peace-loving staff and indeed attract undue public sympathy without regard to the security implications and the integrity of the innocent men being blackmailed for self serving purposes.

Contrary to what the former media aid,Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha is doing by way of promoting criminal blackmail and raising false alarm without backing documents or sworn affidavits, the office of speaker on its part is interested in helping Ikenna samuelson Iwuoha rediscover himself by going back to school.

In some owerri based newspapers samuelson Iwuoha wrote a cynical and apparently demented piece, aimed at disparaging the person of the speaker Imo House of Assembly. It clearly reflected the pecuniary interest of the writer,samuelson Iwuohs’s ‘‘stomach activism’’(by his own admission hear him)


(1) I was not the only aide of the Speaker that has gone or went on suspension. Others who equally went on suspension all received their salaries. So far, a total of Nine (9) people have gone on suspension. How come eight (8) of these people all received their salaries except Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha. The Director of Accounts (IMHA) can confirm that eight persons out of nine persons from the office of the Speaker were paid their salaries when they came back from suspension with the exception of Citizen Samuelson because he is not from Ihitte/Uboma Local Government. If they were not paid salaries, I would not have bothered. Since a precedence had been set with the payment of salaries to the eight persons (one male and seven females), Citizen Ikenna Samuelson deserves to be paid his July 2013 salary. Full stop.

(2) I never requested that the imprest for Media Department be transferred to the Special Duties department. Rather, I officially requested in my letter to the Speaker on the 20th of August 2013 to approve an imprest for me to function in my new assignment. I still have a copy of that letter.

(3) I also officially requested in my letter to the Speaker on the 20th of August 2013 to approve an official vehicle for me so as to function in my new assignment. The Speaker responded with his own mouth on the 18th of October 2013 by asking me to bring a car dealer to supply a personal car (specifically a Toyota Camry 2006) My suspension in July 2013 was to be for three months but I fought my way back through humility, showing genuine remorse, and official apology and of course intervention of prominent people in the state. I came back on the 12th of August 2013 (exactly one month after) (the Chief ofStaff), his political career has already come to a shameful end. I do not have time for Emeka Ahaneku. He will surely end up the way greedy, selfish and self centered people normally end up very soon. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. His wife and children will beg for food but nobody will assist them. Nobody will come to their help. Amen.


Though samuelson Iwuoha claims he is not corrupt, we expected him as an activist not to be deeply interested in material things, at least not to the extent of telling lies to attract sympathy from people. but pharhaps,his disavowal of the activism lifestyle is an indication that he was trapped in a moral dilemma he was in a romance with female mammon while remembering activism months after he was relieved of his duties in the media department ask his wife.investgations reveal that no member of the speaker’s office was paid one month salary after being suspended for one month and that Emeka Ahaneku the former Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Diamond Trust Communication LTD is not from Ihitte/Uboma rather he is from Mbaitoli in Owerri zone contrary the dummy Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha is marketing.

In the computable treatise bedeviled with misrepresentations, illogical and inconsistencies,Samuelson Iwuoha praised the Rt Hon Uwajumogu as the best man he has ever met with a wonderful description of his outstanding achievements in the assembly, then in the same breath mischievously accused his aides of corruption, which by his admission was his own way of reclaiming his former position in the media department. You need to read the article to disbelieve that a man who claims to be a leading social critic and activist in Imo could be so misleading.

It is unfortunate that a blackmailers cause is that they don’t at any point see the truth and retreat, just like kidnapers or armed robbers their concentration lies in the material benefit they are chasing at that point, but in this case, Speaker Uwajumoju has made it clear to samuelson Iwuoha that he will never succumb to blackmail or negotiate with him because he is threatening to expose his office. Rather he will accept his resignation on the internet to afford him the time to research and come out with concrete evidence against his office. those who are writing and sponsoring samuelson’s ill intentioned articles ought to have told him that some of them have written over 500 petitions to law enforcement agencies in Nigeria against Uwajumogu-and yet he has come clean and unscathed because he his clean.

I was horrified by the moral depravity and lack of conscience and professionalism in Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha’s articles accusing his bosom friends and colleagues of fraud, including Emeka Ahaneku who was drafted to the media department just to cover his inadequacies for 2years and I came to conclusion that for samuelson Iwuoha who preferred to buy a doctorate degree from a nonexistent Alive university in United states of America,samuelson Iwuoha who could not produce documents relating to educational qualification to facilitate his promotion in the speakers office,samuelson Iwuoha who could not write rejoinders,Samuelson Iwuoha who allowed himself to be carried away by apples of this world, abandoning a beautiful family that was there for him when he was incasirated, money was everything and am tempted to produce a letter samuelson Iwuoha sent to me,in other to assist in talking to the speaker, even though I told him I was an outsider, he insisted I must intervene.


On the 11th of July 2013 I was handed down a three months suspension letter as a result of my “Un-Political” behavior. I have duly and sincerely apologized to our leader, father and boss, the Rt. Hon Chief Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu. Knowing the Rt. Hon Speaker as a man with a large heart, it is certain that he has forgiven me. But I still went ahead to bring my family to apologize on my behalf. Prominent citizens of the state have also apologized on my behalf. Also, you my colleagues in the office intervened on my behalf.

At this point, I feel that it will not be out of place if I do not equally apologize to all Speakers aides (both Senior and Junior). Therefore my dear colleagues please find it in your hearts to forgive me. it will not happen again. I will not annoy or offend our boss again.

I pledge to consolidate my love and respect for our boss by being more proactive, efficient and effective in my job as his SSA Media. This is my personal commitment and with Almighty God by my side,nnobody will have reason to complain about me.

Lastly, I humbly plead with you all to walk up to our Boss, Leader and Father (The Rt. Hon Chief Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu) and beg him passionately to lift the suspension on me.

I want to come back to work at once. I want to come back today. It is well with the office of the Rt Hon Speaker in Jesus mighty name – Amen.

May Almighty God continue to bless and protect all of us. Amen.


Citizen (Dr) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI
Your Troubled Colleague

You can now understand the desperation and the unhealthy motive to cover fraud.

Samuelson Iwuoha claims that there is fraud in the speaker office (massive corruption) and reckless waste of state fund has been put to lie by his inarticulate articles as they trek in to expose the emptiness in him, how can one reconcile a chief of Staff to Speaker awarding contracts as what?, how can a Chief of Staff collect percentages from the aids of every Honorable Member that make up the aides of the Rt Hon Speaker and is still not busted till samuelson did.?Did samuelson Iwuoha include National newspapers State correspondents as correspondents in the State Assembly? If so this goes a long way to expose him as a man who has no business being around a media office. Is Of common knowledge that Assembly correspondents cover only the Assembly while the State correspondents cover the entire State and the State Assembly do not have the financial strength to pay every newspaper in Nigeria.I can reliably tell you that samuelson did not pay National newspapers a dime, he is just looking for sympathy from journalist who has long rejected him as a man who dealt with them.

For the avoidance of doubt and to further prove that the Imo Speakers Aides are ignorant of accusations made against them by samuelson Iwuoha.the leadership of the Network of Imo Youths Okigwe zonal chapter, will on Tuesday invite Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha to produce mr chinyochaobi Israel uhuegbu with just four copies of the latest edition of stride newspapers to the Imo assembly complex by 9am for collection of the alleged 7 months stipend owned him by the media office of the Speaker. And the general public is also invited. But failure to comply may attract complete expose of Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha’mental background and an apology letter to the Speaker IMHA and his Aides.

I urge samuelson Iwuoha to show respect to objectivity in writing,while I advice the reading public to disregard this retarded ‘‘loose cannon’’.

– Written by Ahamefula Amadi





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