OPINION: The Arithmetic calculation of Free Education in Imo state – By Sunday Wisdom

RochasStudentsThis administration promised to give free education to all Imolites from primary to tertiary Institutions in the State. I believed it, but was bothered when i drew some calculations with data on ground.

The Federal government of Nigeria, since the regime of Olusegun Obasanjo takes care of Primary 1 to JSS3 through Universal Basic Education (UBE), therefore, pupils in this category to have recieved free education by ORO is total deceit.

It is noteworthy to mention here that before Owelle’s assumption of office in May, 2011. Average tuition fee in Imo State university was 35,000 and acceptance fee 20,000 for everybody indigene and non indigene. Also, then, 80% of Imolites get admission while 20% are non indigenes. During the last 3 years of ORO government, the admission in IMSU changed hands. Thus;

20% – Imolites
80% – Non indigenes
Acceptance fee = 70,000
Activation of cheque = 20,000
Total money collected from Imolites = 90,000

Lets do a little mathematics. Assuming IMSU admits 6000 students per annum,
Imolites will take 20% which is = 1200 Imolites. Total money collected from Imolites will now be = 1,200 X 90,000 = #108,000,000

For 3 years of this administration, they have 3 X 108,000,000 = #324,000,000 collected from Imolites.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, how will someone collect this huge sum of money and tell you its free??? Let us open our eyes and see properly.


God save us all.

Written by : Sunday Wisdom



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