Okorocha’s abomination (aru) against the Igbo traditional institution – By Kennedy Eweama

Eze-ilomuayaThe attention of the Obi of Obinugwu and Chairman, Imo State and South East Councils of Traditional Rulers, HRH, Eze (Dr.) Cletus Ikechukwu Ilomuanya, CON, has been drawn to another comical but absurd action of Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State in purporting to unlawfully install a foreigner as the new traditional ruler of his community, Obinugwu in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State.

Okorocha’s latest action is comical in that it portrays him as a desperate man undeserving of occupying the office of the Governor of a state considering the caricature he has made of such an exalted office by his conducts and utterances. It is also absurd because he has unrepentantly continued to indulge in abominable conducts against the Igbo Traditional Institution forgetting that there is the law of karma and retributive justice.

Indeed, the story of Imo State since Okorocha’s assumption of office in 2011 as Governor of Imo State is a sad commentary to any discerning mind.

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, Okorocha in a bizarre manner and typical of a’power drunk emperor, unilaterally and unlawfully installed one Stanley Nwangwu as the new traditional ruler of the peaceful Obinugwu Community without consulting the people (the king makers). This perfidious action has elicited wide reactions from Nigerians across the globe as to the mental condition of our modern day Idi Amin in Imo State.

One may ask: Who is Mr. Stanley Nwangwu? Is he from Obinugwu Autonomous Community? Who presented him to the Emperor for recognition?

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr. Stanley Nwangwu is NOT an indigene of Obinugwu Autonomous Community. Precisely, he is from NDIUCHE OKORO ANICHE IN ARONDIZUOGU COMMUNITY IN IDEATO NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA of Imo State. He is petty trader dealing on scraps in Aba. Besides, Obinugwu Community never discussed any Ezeship matter with Okorocha.

Again, can a foreigner be a traditional ruler in another people’s community? Is this not an insult taken too far by the Emperor Governor? The Governor is unarguably bent on sowing seeds of hate and disaffection in Obinugwu Community but he has failed.

Legally, this action of Okorocha further confirms the generally held view that he is lawless and abhors due process in all he does yet as a Governor, he is a product of law. What an irony!

Eze (Dr) Ilomuanya has won over five cases against Okorocha in various courts yet the latter has flagrantly disobeyed all till day because he is shielded by the immunity clause in our constitution. We know he shall not be governor forever and the law shall patiently wait for him to complete his tenure.

In one of the cases, the Court of Appeal, Owerri in its judgment of July 5, 2013, in Suit No: CA/OW/128/2012 while reinstating Eze (Dr.) Ilomuanya as the Chairman of Imo State Council of Ndieze, made an order inter alia:

An order setting aside the dissolution of the Imo State Council of Ndi-Eze and removal from office of the claimant (Eze Ilomuanya) by the 1st Defendant (Okorocha) on 6th June, 2011.

An order of injunction restraining the Defendants by themselves, their servants, agents or however from truncating or interfering with the functions of the appellant (Eze Ilomuanya) as a member of and Chairman of Imo State Council of Ndi-Eze until the lawful expiration of the said tenure.

The Governor thereafter filed a Stay of Execution Motion against this judgment which the court equally dismissed. Again, he ran to the Supreme Court just to buy time but instead of waiting for the apex Court’s decision on his appeal, he chose to slap the judiciary on her face by his continuous contemptuous actions against the Obi of Obinugwu and Chairman of Traditional Rulers Councils both in Imo State and South East.

Even when his stooge, Eze Sam Ohiri, on Okorocha’s prompting, filed a suit in an Owerri High Court in Suit No. HOW/525/2013 before His Lordship, Hon. Justice Ngozi Ukoha, seeking to be declared as Chairman of Imo State Council of Ndi-Eze, the court dismissed the suit as “frivolous, an abuse of court process, judicial impertinence and lacking in merit”. The court also ordered Ohiri to pay Eze (Dr.) Ilomuanya N20,000.00 (which he is yet to pay till date) since has money to file frivolous suits. This was on May 26, 2014.

Earlier on March 20, 2013, His Lordship, Hon. Justice Paschal Nnadi in Suit No: HOW/103/2012 also dismissed the Resolution of the Imo State House of Assembly that Eze (Dr.) Ilomuanya was an ex-convict and that Okorocha should therefore dethrone him. They had manufactured a forged court judgment from Calabar High Court. When asked to produce the said judgment in court, they couldn’t. The learned trail judge took pity on them and waved the N1 billion damages the Obi of Obinugwu slammed on them for defaming him. Afterwards, some of the House members pleaded for Eze Ilomuanya’s forgiveness, explaining that the Governor through one of his top aides pressurized them into it. As a Royal Father, Eze Ilomuanya forgave them and did not cross-appeal that aspect of the judgment but admonished them to “go home and sin no more”.

Furthermore, in Suit No: FHC/OW/238/2011 before Hon. Justice F. Olubanjo on November 29, 2012, the court ordered Okorocha and his gang who invaded Eze (Dr.) Ilomuanya’s Palace Extension in Owerri on August 5, 2011, to pay him N10 million for unlawful invasion. The court also dismissed the Stay of Execution Motion Okorocha filed thereafter. Till date, they have not paid Eze (Dr.) Ilomuanya the money and are still shamelessly withholding his three vehicles which they forcefully towed to Government House, Owerri, while he was attending a national function in Abuja.

Presently, there is another suit pending before His Lordship, the Chief Judge of Imo State, Hon. Justice Ben Njemanze challenging Okorocha’s purported withdrawal of Eze Ilomuanya’s Certificate of Recognition and Staff of Office in Suit No: HOW/409/2014, vide IBC radio announcements on June 6, 2014.

Instead of waiting for the outcome of the court’s judgment, the self styled Emperor has again contemptuously shown disdain and disregard for the judiciary by going ahead to unlawfully install a non-indigene of Obinugwu community as a traditional ruler. In fact, the list of Okorocha’s misdemeanor is endless.

I have painstakingly highlighted Eze Ilomuanya’s judicial battles with Okorocha so that the public can better appreciate the kind of person Okorocha is. He is lawless and detests rule of law. He prefers gansterism to anything decent anchored on due process.

It might also interest the public to note that since June 2011 to date, Okorocha has not paid Eze Ilomuanya a dime as a traditional ruler. His actions in all ramifications, are despicable and smacks off a man bent on setting Imo State on fire in blind pursuit of his selfish interest.

It would be imperative to further recall that the people of Obinugwu Community, had at an emergency meeting held on June 10, 2014 passed a Vote of Implicit Confidence on HRH Eze (Dr) Ilomuanya. They also advised Okorocha to obey the rule of law and leave Obinugwu Community and her people alone. The people further wrote Okorocha on June 12, 2014 intimating him of this Resolution. What else does the governor want?


In view of Okorocha’s vexatious, reckless and senseless action of installing a foreigner as a traditional ruler in Obinugwu Community, Eze Ilomuanya has resolved to adopt all necessary legal measures to bring Okorocha to justice. He can’t evade or suppress the law forever.

Eze Ilomuanya will not relent in his struggle to liberate the traditional institution in Imo State from the clutches of this wicked, vicious, deceitful and pretentious Emperor. His intention is to intimidate traditional rulers in Imo State and compel them to do his bidding in 2015 elections.

This obviously explains why his Political Party, All Progressives Congress (APC) Imo State, has also joined in the unholy war against Eze Ilomuanya. The Party’s diatribes against Eze Ilomuanya in a full page advertorial in the Daily Sun Newspaper (Page 60) of Friday, August 15, 2014, signed by Dr. Hilary Eke, Imo State APC Chairman, buttresses our assertion. Up till now, we cannot fathom the business APC as a political party has with Eze Ilomuanya (a traditional ruler). Besides, the judgment of the Calabar High Court the APC associated Eze Ilomuanya with in the advertorial in question, was FORGED. No such court judgment exists. Eze Ilomuanya has NEVER been convicted by any court of law either in Nigeria or Abroad. The APC Chairman’s accusation is false, callous and defamatory. Eze Ilomuanya has also petitioned the Inspector General of Police to investigate the source and authenticity of the said judgment of a Calabar High Court. Comments are free but facts are sacred.

Again on page 61 of the same Daily Sun Newspaper, a non-existent body which they tagged Imo Elders Council also attacked Obi of Obinugwu for no just cause on the prompting of the Emperor of Imo State. Embarrassingly, they inserted the name of Prince Njemanze from the Royal Family of Njemanze in Owerri Municipality to make it appear like a royal battle. The whole thing is a shame and goes a long way to show the world how Okorocha has reduced Imo State to a banana state and also metamorphosed himself into “Lord of the Manor Farm”.

Let it be known that Eze Ilomuanya remains unwavering in his commitment to liberate the traditional institution in Imo State from the vicious grip of this extremist ruler who prides himself as a compendium of knowledge whereas in actual fact he is empty.

ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS Three times, attempts have been made to assassinate Eze Ilomuanya but they all failed and shall continue to fail. Eze Ilomuanya’s life is in God’s hand and trusting our God, no harm shall befall him or any of his family members or aides.

No responsible government can leave its obligation to the citizenry and be pursuing a traditional ruler that did no wrong. Its quite appalling and most unfortunate too. NO WEAPON FASHIONED AGAINST THE LORD’S PEOPLE SHALL PROSPER.

OBINUGWU COMMUNITY As the Obi of Obinugwu and the traditional ruler of the community as well as Chairman of Imo State and South East Councils of Traditional Rulers, Eze Ilomuanya implores his people of Obinugwu Community to remain calm as light will always triumph over darkness. Even Pharaoh with all his Egyptian chariots could not stop the children of Israel when God said is time to leave Egypt.

We know the Obinugwu youths are aggrieved ditto for Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youths who are threatening to shut down Owerri Capital City, but His Royal Highness appeals for restrain. There is no alternative to justice and rule of law.

Eze Ilomuanya equally urges the Obinugwu people to continue ignoring Okorocha and his divide and rule politics. Two people cannot be mad at the same time. Lets show the difference.

The bizarre action of dragging a foreigner, Mr. Stanley Nwangwu from NDIUCHE OKORO ANICHE IN ARONDIZUOGU COMMUNITY OF IDEATO NORTH LGA, IMO STATE into Obinugwu royal stool by Okorocha with the intent to desecrate it is a failed coup de’tat against Obinugwu people. It was an act of desperation which we, as reasonable and responsible people, should not dignify in any manner whatsoever.

TRADITIONAL RULERS IN IMO STATE HRH Eze (Dr) Clestus Ilomuanya sympathizes with all our revered traditional rulers in Imo State over the sorry state the institution has found itself under Governor Okorocha with the active connivance of a certain Obi of Obi-Orodo, Samuel Ohiri.

Today, traditional rulers in Imo State are treated with unprecedented disrespect, scolded and pushed around like school children and even forced to embark on ‘match-pass’ during public functions as kids do on Children’s Day (May 27th of every year) with the Emperor mounting the rostrum and taking salute. All sorts of humiliations never witnessed before in Imo State, have been unleashed on our Royal Fathers yet they kept mute out of fear for the wrath of the Emperor.

However, Eze Ilomuanya, as the Torch bearer of Igbo Traditional Institution, is calling all traditional rulers in Imo State to rise up and say ‘NO’ to oppression, suppression and intimidation. Injustice thrives where noble men keep silent. We want to remind our Royal Fathers that “the traditional institution is like the barracks while the likes of Rochas Okorocha are like soldiers. Soldier come and go but barracks remain”.

Long live Obinugwu Autonomous Community

Long live Imo State

Long live Nigeria

Kennedy Eweama

Chief Press Secretary to the Chairman, Imo State & South East Councils of Traditional Rulers



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