ORU OWERRE SAGA: Senator Chris Anyanwu’s husband responds.

casmir anyanwuAgainst the backdrop of the unguarded statement recently made by Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha of Imo State at the historical “Oru Owerre Cultural Festival”, Dr. Casmir Anyanwu, the husband to Distinguished Senator Chris Anyanwu has stated that the Governor was not referring to his wife at all but rather was making a general statement.

Anyanwu who is a Federal Commissioner representing Imo State in Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Responsibility Commission, said this in Owerri while interacting with journalists who called him.

According to the financial guru – “I don’t believe that Governor Okorocha was talking about Senator Chris Anyanwu. Just because she attended the event like the other political aspirants that were there should not imply that the Governor was talking about her. I do know for sure that there are other women in the State running for Governorship and other elective positions.

He may be referring to any other female aspirant but certainly not Chris, my wife. Again as Chris was there, if that statement was directed at her, I think he would have been man enough to say that and I can then face that music of insult from there…..”, he stated.

chrisaThe Federal Commissioner further said that though his wife is seen as tough and courageous, she always knows her limits because she has good upbringing and background. “I tell you, she is one of the most virtuous women I know…. These are fabrications from the pit of hell”, he insisted.

Anyanwu who further described his wife as a responsible woman who is highly respected in Nigeria and beyond, said that he is proud of her anytime any day.

Dr Anyanwu further advised that people who hold high political or managerial positions are expected to maintain certain level of decorum no matter what their upbringing and backgrounds were. And when they aspire to higher office and achieve that, a certain level of conduct and protocol is expected of such persons.

Anyanwu also enjoined politicians to be issue based in their speeches rather than inanities, falsehoods and blackmail, stressing that Nigerians are interested in “Who are you?, What is your background?, What have you done for the people? And What do you intend to do for the people?”



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