PHOTO OF THE DAY: Governor Okorocha meets with Igbo’s in Bauchi.

Oya oooo!!!  It is said that “seeing is believing”. The picture above shows a  cross section of Igbo’s in Bauchi who met with Governor Rochas Okorocha today.  The Governor was  not only in Bauchi, he also visited Plateau and Gombe States.


Below, Governor Okorocha is pictured while being received in Gombe State…..

Let us hope that the reporters who were used to carry the obviously fabricated  story on  Governor Okorocha not meeting “Ndi igbo’s ” in Kano  will sharpen their Biro’s and pencils  once more and head back to the  Press room . As we can see, there is a lot more reporting to be done.

Just saying…



PHOTO CREDIT: Chinedu Offor

(SSA Media to Gov.Okorocha)

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