PHOTO REPORT: Drainage system on MCC/URATTA Rd ( Uratta Housing Estate)

These photos were taken yesterday by a citizen who lives on MCC / URATTA Road.  The writer who spoke with IMO STATE BLOG today chooses to remain anonymous. The much we can disclose is that he/she is an indigene of Orlu LGA. In this report also published here, the writer blames Governor Okorocha / the State government for not providing adequate drainage system in the on going road constructions in the state.


Now people have started saying that Rochas Okorocha is a talkative Governor, Do you blame them? I guess your answer is as good as mine. I was devastated when some friends sent some pix of what happened to their street after yesterday’s less than 2hrs light rain. It was a pity and very Big mess.

You see, there is a saying that goes like this…”IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING MAKE SURE YOU DO IT WELL” How can you say that your doing road constructions without providing drainage system. What I saw yesterday was an eye saw. The once peaceful and neat URATTA HOUSING estate has been converted to swampy areas each time there is light rain fall.(Maybe the will also start seeing crocodiles) I am thinking what will happen when the heavy rains start coming.

Oga Rochas..If you like listen, the people of Uratta Housing Estate especially those leaving opposite your deputy Governor’s House, along MCC Pilgrims are not Happy with you….PERIOD!!!They said the road you constructed without making sure the contractors constructed good drainage system to tackle the problem of flooding is — — USELESS. They were better off the time the roads were bad. At-least they don’t know what is USING BUCKET TO SCOOP WATER FROM THEIR HO– — USES. I have uploaded some pix of what I saw and other places I could not go to, because it was terrible. This kind of environmental hazard has never been experienced in Road 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 of MCC ROAD URATTA HOUSING ESTATE.


The people of this peaceful and loving estate are using this medium to plead with Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha to instruct those contractors to come and construct Drainage system. Other contractors constructed Drainage system, I am still pondering why this case will be an exception.  This Mess has increased the rate of spread of disease which is not good . Please do everything humanly possible to keep your Good name.


Editors note: We are not making excuses for the State Government here on IMO STATE but those of us who reside in Lagos will attest that in the past few days, the drainage system there has also  been unable to contain the flow from the heavy rain pour.


 Back to us here in Imo. Ofcourse, adequate provision SHOULD be made for a smooth drainage system but let’s not forget that these roads being constructed are the same ones that were ignored by previous administrations. Now that the Okorocha Administration has taken it upon themselves to address the poor roads in the State, we should applaud their efforts for taking up the initiative to achieve their goal.  Just my two kobo. Imolites, over to you.



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