READERS’ MAIL: Report from Ikenegbu (Mbonu Ojike street & Item street)

Please Imo blog and all Imo citizens concerned should ask the contractors handling Mbonu Ojike and Item street all in Ikenegbu, if the are actually ready to do those jobs or not.

The kind of job they are doing on these two roads are nothing to write home about.

Does it mean that the Government is not funding the contract or that they are not qualified to do the job?
Also the kind of waste that are left on the road at Item street near Diamond Bank is causing a lot of holdup and Health problems to the residents around the area. Please my fellow Imolites help me address these issues.

Meanwhile the residents of Item and Mbonu Ojike streets are having a lot of insecurity issues. There are issues of stealing and raping in different hostels around the area, including daylight robbing of students phone and molestations.

Something has to be done about this.

Have a nice time.


– Charles Akubueze





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