Highlights from Pres.Jonathan’s recent Media Chat. “I dont give a damn” and more!

 “Most of the top universities in the world are named after people…Harvard and co” – Pres. Jonathan


“One thing I can assure Nigerians is that we are managing our economy professionally” –  Pres.  Jonathan


“The government of Nigeria must no stop for a second because of terror” – Pres. Jonathan


“Boko Haram and their sponsors cannot stop the Nigerian government from moving…they can not bring us to our knees” – Pres. Jonathan


“Everyday we are improving and we will continue to improve until we stabilize power”-  Pres.  Jonathan


One area where we have wiped off corruption is in the procurement of fertilizers and tractors” – Pres. Jonathan


“A lot of people misunderstand me,” – Pres. Jonathan


 Last but not the least, the controversial new single from the Assets declaration  album –   ♫ ♬ “ I don’t give a damn!” ♫ ♬







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