Operation Bumper to Bumper: Police Commissioner, Chris Dega vows to halt Crime in Imo State.



Chris Dega, our State Police commissioner says he is all out for kidnappers and other forms of violent criminals in Imo state. In a determined effort to go bumper to bumper with the hoodlums, he has  requested the approval of the Inspector-General (IG) of Police, M.D. Abubakar, to install trackers and personnel who would monitor the trackers at the  police headquarters, Owerri.


According to this report by The Moment, they gathered that the trackers have mechanism to be able to locate the position of a kidnapper once the kidnapper makes a phone call.  Read more:


For two weeks running, Dega’s intensified security strategies against criminals, especially kidnapping activities prevalent in the South East of the country, is said to have tremendously yielded good results. 

The Moment further learnt that apart from the new strategies, the CP has reshuffled some staff of the command for effective performance. 

In addition, Dega is said to have intensified intelligence gatherings and more patrols in Owerri, the state capital and in major towns. 

Reliable sources at the state headquarters in Owerri confirmed to The Moment that ‘the CP has actually requested the acting Inspector-General (IG) of Police for trackers to be installed in the command headquarters and the IG has graciously obliged his request.’ 

The sources, however, failed to give details on the number of the trackers and the personnel and whether or not they have already been installed in Owerri, saying that, ‘I can’t disclose our security strategies because criminals could take advantage of that.’

Speaking with The Moment, the CP said, ‘we have recently intensified our patrols and intelligence gathering. We are following hoodlums in the state step-by-step. 

Anywhere they enter we enter with them, so it is now difficult for them to operate successfully in the state.’

On whether the state government is giving his command enough support to effectively fight criminality, Dega said, ‘we are getting support from the government, but we need more support.’.







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