(AGRICULTURE)- PLEA to Gov.Okorocha: Revive ADC, Nekede to its past glory.

Before the Nigeria Civil War,  Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) as it was known then at Nekede was a source of abundance of massive food production, dishing out sweet oranges, tangerines, large cassava tubers, sweet potatoes, eggs, hens, roosters, fresh vegetables and cow/pig meats. It is sad to note that successive governments in Imo State neglectfully allowed the massive land area donated to the government by Nekede Community for food production was allowed to rot in disgrace. The land was later used as zoo where hungry Lions were kept until they all perished for lack of care, and thank God that no one was mauled by dirty looking and angry Lions.

 At the booming era of the corporation, it provided countless of employment opportunities for people allover Nigeria. The corporation had provided excursion trips for secondary school students as well as well as students from Colleges of Agriculture as they watched with admirations, as incubators hatched eggs to produce thousands of chickens a day that later transformed into edible hens and roosters in a record of time. The food production at that time was overwhelmingly interesting that brought joy to thousands of families and its employees.

As Governor Rochas plans to revitalize Adapam at Ohaji/Egbema for palm oil production, it is advisable to take a hard look at ADC at Nekede, to restore it to its glorious days. The government of the then Eastern Region capitalized on the potentials of the ADC to engage in massive food production for the people and indeed, made substantial revenues for the government, and more so, took a terrible bite on unemployment rate at Owerri and Eastern Region. Governor Rochas can restore the ADC Nekede back to food production it was well known. In the glorious days of ADC, as one passed by, both sides of the road oozed out delicious scents of succulent fresh berry fruits, and well-ripped oranges as they dangled to one another with inviting sense of appreciation to nature.

Very surprisingly, many governments purposely allowed the massive land area to decay to eye sore because attentions are were diverted to oil revenue allocations, whereas food production is allowed to die a natural death. I urge the action governor to resuscitate the famous ADC Nekede from its comatose state, and give Imo State another avenue to engage in massive food production, and more especially, to provide employment opportunities, and to kick back criminal activities in and around Owerri and Imo State.

Mazi Henry Otulle Eke writes from

Austin, Texas, United States

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