The Vindication of Imo State Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso.

After all the Petitions and Blackmail, the vindication of Imo State Deputy Governor  by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office puts a seal on the wagging tongues.  Those who took part in the “Slander-Campaign” now have their heads buried in shame.

 Truly, as the Bible notes in Jeremiah 17:9, “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked”. Over the past few months, many took delight in spreading malicious stories  across the Internet and Beer parlours.

An interesting  response to the Blog Piece: 1994 BENCH WARRANT AGAINST IMO STATE DEPUTY GOVERNOR, JUDE AGBASO   from  Mr. Ndubuisi Ekomaru via Facebook reads :

  • “There are about 3 FBI agents in owerri IMo State now…. we are looking forward for a visit of the deputy gov. to new york any moment to clear himself..let him just visit new york…”

  FBI Agents to do what? Why do we derive joy in plotting the downfall of others? Its  amazing how some of us just sit down and write whatever comes to mind without thinking.

Sadly, a number of  reputable Nigerian Media Houses  kicked ethics of the Journalism Profession to the Curb as they concocted garbage stories  to sell their News Papers and attract Web Traffic .

Political Opponents called for his Resignation. Every other day, the same story was put out with a different Caption. It seemed as if it just wouldn’t end.Finally, it did.

Today, His Excellency, Jude Agbaso stands vindicated of all the charges brought up against him.  How do we start  to apologize to an Innocent man who was labelled all sorts of names for an offense he never Committed?

Not long ago, I received a Private message questioning why I had not addressed the isssue here. Part of the note reads:

“. . .. If to say na another State Governor now, you for Butcher the person with your Pen…..”

Frankly, I cannot explain how I felt  after reading that message.  With everything that has played out,  I am glad that I refrained from   “Butchering” the Story here as expected.

Personally, I am not one to thrive on malicious stories. For the itchy fingers went as far as contacting the U.S Department of Justice and Law Enforcement Agencies, what did we achieve?

At the end off the day, the re-emergence of the Almighty 1994 Bench Warrant and the  stories that followed suit only ended up bringing the  Deputy Governor  closer to his Hour of Vindication. Indeed, God has a way of turning our Trials and Tribulations into Testimonies.

A beautiful lesson worth sharing.

Joi John



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