PLEASE: If you must copy from IMO STATE BLOG, credit us accordingly!

Make una no vex abeg. It has come to our attention that some wanna be Socio-Political “journalists” copy content from the IMO STATE BLOG & republish without crediting us. Its wrong. I’m not against anyone floating whatever platform they choose to but for goodness sake, CREDIT ur damn Source!

That what was how when we broke the story of Late Lady Eudora Iwuanyanwu’s death, one of the mainstream national news websites xeroxed our blog post. They went as far as quoting  our named sources who confirmed they never spoke with them . NO SHAME!! That a so called top news website will steal from a little blog is mind boggling. TUFIAKWA!!!

The instances are too many to note. To God be the glory sha. We thank God for giving our little blog the recognition we have today.  All we are saying is please, if you choose to use any content that has been made exclusively available to IMO STATE, please credit accordingly. We do not want to disgrace anyone by calling you out here.  Just do what is right!!!


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