POST IMPEACHMENT SAGA: Why is Sir Jude Agbaso withdrawing his lawsuit?

According to news reports, Sir Jude Agbaso’s counsel filed an application on Thursday seeking to withdraw the lawsuit filed by the former #2 citizen, Sir. Jude Agbaso.  This is how LEADERSHIP reports the sudden development.


An Owerri High Court has reserved June 4 for ruling on an application for withdrawal of a suit, by a former Deputy Governor of Imo, Mr Jude Agbaso.

The counsel to the plaintiff, Mr Alex Williams, in the application filed on Thursday in the court presided over by Justice Florence Duruohaigwe, announced the intention of his client to discontinue with the suit.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Agbaso filed a fresh suit against Imo House of Assembly and three others, after an earlier one on the infringement of his fundamental human rights was dismissed.

Williams said his client had the right to decide whether to continue with his case or not and urged the court to grant the application without delay.

But counsel to the defendant, Chief Adeniyi Akintola (SAN), opposed the application, saying  the application had no merit and should not be granted.

He said that the suit should rather be dismissed with a cost of N5 million.

Akintola said that the plaintiff’s counsel  had foreseen the failure of the suit and  urged  the court to award the cost to his client. (NAN)


Again we ask, why is Sir Jude Agbaso withdrawing this case and what does his counsel mean by his client reserving the right to decide whether to continue or not with a case? Mba nu!!

If  he was falsely accused of the charges that led to his impeachment, he should allow the case to run its course. No lawsuit should be withdrawn. Ndi Imo deserve to know the truth! Who is fooling who? Now that the breeze has began to blow, everything should come out in the open once and for all!



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