PR DISASTER: How overzealous Security aides in Nigeria end up creating BAD PR their Principals..

 We just finished praising the Office of the American First Lady for their PR skills and how they have succeeded in portraying  the more personable side of Mrs. Obama to the world .  If only we could speak the same of  Government officials here in Nigeria. With the way their security aides behave at times, it is difficult to know whether they are acting under instruction from their principals or whether they are just being overzealous.

A few months back, we published an article describing the scenario when   Governor Okorocha was confronted by a crippled man and how he interacted with the man.    Unknown to the thugs in suit surrounding the Governor, our camera’s were rolling… that they did not pounce on us and shred our skin to pieces was the Lords doing.

The Governor Okorocha  we know is one who is down to earth and kind to people he doesn’t know. Even  strangers!. How come now as Governor, he is surrounded by bull dogs who are doing their best to potray him as an anti-social Governor when he is nothing close to what they want us to believe?

Even though the aides ended up apologizing to us days after that incident, sometimes a second opportunity never presents itself. The person will just waka with   the impression they formed and  go into town to spread the gospel.



This leads us to another incident that happened in one of the South -East states recently.  Someone walked up to greet the Governor’s wife at an occassion. She was sitting all by herself  at the table and the event had not started. According to this person, they walked up to the First Lady’s odley and asked if they could approach the first lady to greet her. The odley rudely answered  “No. You cannot greet her.


Now, this person   happened to one of those who reside abroad and according to them, they couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just say “Hello” to their First Lady afterall, in obodo oyibo places like America,  you can walk up to your Senator even the U.S  Presdient himself and greet (If you are priviledged to be in his presence)  How much more a Governor’s wife?

The person said that they asked the odley why it was impossible to greet Madam who was inches away and the odley said No reason.  You cannot greet her.

 From what we were told, at that time, the Governors wife turned back to see what was going on and quietly looked away. She did not even smile or bother to ask the  odley what the matter was. Its not like it was a mad person disturbing the peace. This was an average  professional excited to meet their Governor’s wife in person for the first time.


If it were Michelle Obama, how  would she have handled the situation? Would she have waved, smiled or even gotten up for a handshake?

In this spirit of Easter, we have decided against calling any names neither are we mentioning what state this transpired in but, here’s the picture of the said  odley.

Go figure the rest. Have a nice week!!


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